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tootsie rolls for birthday HELP

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last night as I prepared to snuggle into bed after a nice bath I found a pile of -luckily firm and dry- tootsie rolls on the top of the duvet. This happened once before (in June) when a workman was doing some plumbing in the master bath. Abi has three litter boxes, one on each floor of the house. All in places with privacy and quiet and all easily accessed and used by her. They are kept very clean. The only new thing in her life is the Rodent lip ulcer for which she has given a shot on thursday and put on a hypoallergenic diet. She has been constantly hungry on the new diet but otherwise quite normal. The only symptom of the lip problem was the swelling.

So is it as simple as the swollen lip that caused her to use our bed for excrement? But why would it happen two days later? I am keeping the master bedroom closed during the day today so she can't be attracted to the spot and I have decided to augment her diet with some of what she has been eating for a year: nutro chicken morsels. ( I was trying some funky raw diet before she got the swollen lip and I think that was the culprit... well I hope).

But if anyone else has any insights or ideas I would really like to hear them ( PS I dont ascribe to the angry cat theory. I think she used the bed because it is a comforting familiar place) thanks in advance
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have you changed the cat litter?

you might try the CAt Attract.

I'd also get the Feliway diffuser and plug it in in the master bedroom. You won't smell it, but the cat will; and she won't poo where the smell is.
Good luck.
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I don't know what else to think....the only thing I've ever heard is that it is a sign of distress from an animal (if there are no other possible scenarios)....and she left it in a place where you would definately find it. Maybe she is not happy with the diet....???? She doesn't know how else to tell you? Just guessing.... anyway, I hope this works out for you, Abi is a pretty little girl. I have to ask, I'm sure I missed it....rodent lip ulcer? What in the hoo-ha is that???? Also, I'm wondering if she's not stressed over that whole ordeal.... but good luck with her. Abi I hope you feel better real soon!
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Chip's the only one i have that does this, & it's when the receptacle for the littermaid is full enough that it doesn't close well. [i.e. - box smells too dirty for my finicky boy ]. so i don't know what else to tell you. it could be just because she's not feeling up-to-snuff.
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I recommend that you take all the bedding and wash it on Hot. Then use a citrus-scented perfume on it (these are easily obtainable in stores) either in the dryer or afterward--preferably, both. Cats do not like the smell of citrus.

Put a Feliway diffuser in your bedroom, put Cat Attract Litter in your catbox, and pet the cat a bit more. It's obviously stressed about something and it's the only kind of 'message' they know how to send.
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also, feed the cat a bit more. I think that is your problem. The cat was only doing this once before, when it was stressed by something (someone) strange in its litterbox area. I'd get a different food and give her more of it.
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