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RIP Babies

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i was posting on a different thread, and it got me thinking of how bad a year we have had for losses this year, so I thought I would post a tribute to them. I dont know all the names, and I may have missed some here, but these are the ones I can remember:
Rosie, she was a young cat who died on the operating table while being spayed.
Tina - a 20 yo Persian who had been with us for 2.5 years.
Sholley - another oldie, cant remember her age, we suspect she had some kind of cancer as she had a hard mass on her abdomen.
Litter of 6 kittens - sadly, the third the mum had had in a row, so there were always doubts on their future.
Mum and 5 kittens - can't remember why they were with us, but mum was really poorly by the time the kits were 4 weeks old, and the vet couldn't do anythign for her.
Plus we have lost a couple that have been rehomed, been vet checked for vaccs and died shortly after, and the vet is still trying to find out what is wrong with one of the kits.
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I am so very sorry for your many losses. It really cuts to the heart of the rescuer to lose those kitties! Hugs to you and your fellow rescuers as you go on despite the pain.

Rest in peace, little ones. I'm sorry no one intervened sooner to help you. Rest knowing that you were truly loved by your foster families!
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Enjoy your reward over Rainbow Bridge, little kitties. You are not forgotten - do you see the love beams shining up to you??
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At least they were with us and knew love, if one of hte other mum cats we have had this year hadn't, the kits wouldn't have survived cos mum's milk dried up after 2 weeks, so while we have lost a lot, there are others that wouldnt have had that chance if it weren't for us, and that is what I prefer to think about.
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Gave the rescue a quick bell earlier, and another of the kittens we rehomed has died - only 9weeks old. Her sis is back with us, as the woman was scared she woudln't be able to pick up on the signs quick enough (she had diarrhea), but she is going back when she is fine. And our fosterer has lost her latest cat - that is 5 including the two kittens, just in the 3 months I have known her, I haven't spoken to her yet, dont know how distraught she is. Freya was young, but did have neurological issues, and had started weeing without knowing and her balance was getting worse, so they all agreed that it woudl be kinder to let her go now. As she had been taken to the vets a couple of months ago to be pts, at least she had that chance and had a loving home environment. RIP babies.
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The poor babies who are now playing happily over at Rainbow Bridge, may you all RIP

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R.I.P All you sweet babies

All of you sweet angels play happily at the bridge,knowing you were loved so much and will never be forgotten

I'm sorry for all your losses Desley
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I'm so sorry. At least they knew love and kindness in their final days. May they now rest in peace, happy forever.
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I'm so sorry you've been through all of this.

Rest in peace beautiful little lives: Rosie, Tina, Sholley, litter of six kittens, litter of five kittens and their mother, and those that did not live so very long in their forever homes.
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