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Questions about papers and persians

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I work at a pet store and a lady brought in her male persian kitten thats 5 months old for us to find a home for. hes got papers in her name and has all of its shots, registered with CFA, and I was just wondering, if I find a home for him and ask a fee for his adoption, can I say hes got papers or because the name on the papers is not the new owners name, can I not have that be part of the "enticement" for a new home? Can I only ask a certain price? I was just wondering how that works. If that was too confusing, let me know. thanks!
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If the cat has papers, its ok to say that. But be sure that the papers have her signature on them to "sign over" to the new owners.

IMO I would NOT sell the persian in your pet shop; however, I would keep the cat and place him personally. Most people on here do not encourage buying any dogs/cats from a pet shop to start. And to give you advice on selling him in the pet shop you work at, kinda goes against what we are "preaching".

And IMO the person should have done the replacing of the kitten herself. You might want to contact the breeder/cattery that is listed and let them know what happened. They might be very interested to know a kitten they sold was being placed in a pet shop and they, themselves, just might want that kitten back.

I know that if I sold a kitten to someone and they couldn't keep it, I would want the kitten back immediately - NOT rehomed to a pet shop or not knowing where my kitten was going. In fact, I had it in my contracts that if the person couldn't keep the cat, I want first choice of having it back or help place it in another home - the kitten/cat was NEVER to be placed in a pet shop or a shelter.

As far as price, up to you what you want to charge - its probably pet quality and therefore, I'd sell it for a few hunderd dollars - but find a home yourself - not in the pet shop.
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oh no I am going to place him personally. the pet store wasnt even going to take him, so I took him home with me. I didnt even think about calling the breeder thats a good idea. I know i would be mad if I sold a cat thinking it was going to a good home and 4 months later it ended up somewhere else. I have placed a few cats personally myself through the pet store because people bring thier kittens in all the time saying they cant care for them. It really is sad. I can understand why its aggravating to hear about people not getting their cats fixed. anyways, thank you for the information and I will call the breeder first and then try to place him myself if that doesnt work out. Thank you.
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I know with Mica that her breeder (my mentor) has made me sign a contract stating that she would have her back at any point in her life, and that she would not be "given" to anyone else without her approval. I plan to do the same when I breed. Thanks for helping the kitty out who knows where she would have ended up otherwise.
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