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I'm sorry that job didn't come through for you. Don't get too down, something will come your way.

Just as a side note, if you do have to end up applying for retail give it about two weeks before you really need to start, like around Sept. 1. It takes them a while to get through the applications, so you probably won't get call-backs for at least a week. I hope it doesn't come to that for you, but just in case...
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Sorry the job didn't work out. Do you have any restaurant experience? The money is usually pretty good, and you can have flexible hours to keep looking for what you really want while you are still working.
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No, I don't have any restaurant experience. I have about 6 months of retail sales though .......
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I called a staffing place that I registered with back in March earlier today seeing if they had any jobs available. The girl I interviewed with said no, but she looks at my resume every day. So, about 10 minutes ago, she calls me to tell me they have a direct hire for a receptionist for a pharmaceutical company It's part-time, 25 hours a week, but she considered me because she knows how badly I want a job and don't want to eat away at my severance. The good thing is it pays $10.00/hr which is good. I told her to submit my resume which she is going to She said also there is a chance to move up into this company, which is even better. I've always been interested in the pharmaceutical industry as well....... She said they are probably going to interview on Thursday, and that it is also business casual This brought my hopes up A LOT.
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That sounds GREAT!! I will keep my fingers crossed!
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I hope this is the perfect one! If you don't get it, remember, all things work together for good.
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I had an interview yesterday for the pharmaceutical company, which is part-time, and I thought it went good. I havent heard back from the staffing company yet, though.

I have another interview today at 2:00p and this one is a 40hr week job, paying $9.00, which is NOT what I want, but it cant hurt to go. But, anything right now is better than NO money before my checks run out. This is for a different temp agency that I registered at last week. She said this company I am going to is a cabinet manufacturer..... it'd data entry and that type of job, and she said the company is a really good place to get into because they have been known to give raises to their temp employees while you are on the agencies payroll, which I thought was great.
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You're making good progress, Tigger. You'll be led to the right job, I'm sure! Let us know the results!
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They hired someone else for the part-time one, which is fine with me. The staffing agency said that they said I seemed "lost" because I didn't know what I wanted to do wasn't upbeat enough & came across as negative on Motorola. Correction: The HR woman who I interviewed with told the agency she knew where I was coming from (her husband works for them), but the actual manager of the job, hasn't come from an environment like that, what I don't know what she meant. I remember when they asked me about something about my job there what I didnt like, all I said was they don't give you the appreciation that you deserve, and that whatever company I work for, that is the #1 thing in my book. Honestly, I don't think that came across negative at all. Every interview they ask you what you like/dislike about your job. I told the lady at the agency that atleast going on interviews gives me experience.

I just got back from my other interview, which interested me, too ....... So, we'll see what they say
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I really hope that you find something great soon! You'll be an asset to any company.
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I agree, and I'm sure you'll find something soon!
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Tigger, I totally understand your situation. I don't really think it's fair for them to ask what you didn't like. Obviously there was a lot or you wouldn't have left. What I tried to do was if they asked what you liked and didn't like, focus on the positives. Especially with the position you are looking for now, instead of saying you weren't appreciated before, say that the company was so big that you didn't feel any personal interaction, that you felt like a number more than a person. That I think anyone can relate to, and you aren't putting any expectations on them. With what you said, although it is true, they may have taken it as you will be a high maintenance employee. I know I don't have all the answers but I've tried to learn from every experience. Politically correct language drives me nuts, but it works in interviews.

I'm sure you will get something soon. Getting interviews is half the battle.
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I could have sworn I wrote this post earlier today; I feel as if I'm in the twilight zone. I'll bet I forgot to post it after it was written! What a dummy I can be!
Tigger, every company seems to consider even constructive suggestions as negativity. Even in a cover letter, we are supposed
to say, "Although I enjoy the position I now hold, I would like to make better use of my skills," or something similar, even if you hate your past or present job. I have made suggestions to several bosses; I didn't want to be one of those who complained constantly and did nothing constructive about the problems. With almost no exceptions, the boss considered me negative, not knowing about the constant gripers! Change the negative to a positive statement, as Heidi suggested. Good luck!
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Hi Tigger!

Just been reading the posts about your job seeking efforts. I work with young people helping them with their job seeking and I really feel for you and can only imagine the frustration you must be feeling.

I am a firm believer in fate and destiny - the only reason you haven't been secured any of these positions is becasue they just aren't the right job for you.

Something really will come your way very soon I'm sure. Keep up the good work, you're doing all the right things and some good advice has already been offered. How about taking some time out for a day here and there to keep you spirits up.

Can't wait to hear the good news about your new position!

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I was on last night & they advertise a lot for a work-from-home-type of job ....... It's a company, and now I cant remember the name. But, I was wondering if those are legit? Atleast I might be able to find something there? Plus, I have a home computer, printer/scanner/coppier, fax machine, etc to work from home! You pay $24.95 to get the directory.
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I have thought about doing work at home on my days off as a second income, but I haven't started looking seriously. All the adverts I have seen about "work at home" are a lot of talk about how great they are, but I want to know "what" I would be doing. I would be cautious about paying a fee to get a directory.

I went on several interviews before I got my current job, and this is my second interview here. My first interview here, I came in with high personal criteria for a job, and by the time I came for the second interview, my criteria had changed. When I was looking for a job a few years ago, I worked at a temp service to have at least some money coming it. My last assignment with the service, had interviewed me to take that position permanently, but we had very different ideas on salary.

Good luck in your search.
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Tigger, I have heard of these companies that ask you to send them a fee to receive a directory. These are scams, and the directories are worthless, don't fall for it. One way to tell if a work-from-home opportunity is legit is to contact the BBB in the company's state. Here is a link to some telecommuting information. This site has a lot of information about working from home including information on how to recognize a scam,
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One of my brothers has been trying to talk me into looking into the whole work from home thing, so that I could stay home with the baby instead of going back to the factory and leaving her with a sitter, but I am just so scared to try anything like that, without talking to someone who does it and see how they like it, and what kind of work is involved, and the pay, etc. I would hate to give up a job I have had for 13 years to do this, and then find out it was not going to work.
I am going to check out the links you gave us, Lori!! Thanks!

Tigger, if you find out more about this, let me know! I am curious!!
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Hi Tigger,

My husband is self employed and when business has been a bit slow he has looked into these scams himself - they really are just scams so stay right away from them!

What really annoys me is that these guys are preying on desperate people - people who are hard working and honest who just want to work.

Please be patient and stick to the legitimate channels - you will find something soon!

We run a workshop called "10 Ways to Find Work" so let me share some of these ways with you.....

Cold Canvassing in person
Cold Canvassing by phone
Cold Canvassing by mail
Notice Boards
Classifieds Ad (Position Wanted)
Word of Mouth
Volunteer Work/Work Experience Placement

Now I know you've tried the agencies, newspapers and the internet but maybe you can try some of the others suggested?

If you need further information on any of these methods feel free to PM or email me!

Good Luck!

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What is cold canvassing? Just going up to someone, such as a manager and ask if the company is hiring?

I applied on-line thru for a job this morning that I was interested in.... it was for a sales/admin assistant position with a magazine publishing company! Guess what! They called me just now to set up an interview!
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The interview that I went on Friday for the cabinet manufacturer ..... the agency called me to tell me that they picked another candidate BUT that the company thought I'd be a better fit for some other positions that are coming up! The girl at the agency said that they should know more about the other positions either this week or early next week.
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Tigger, I am keepig my fingers crossed for you to find a job you will be happy with. :crossedfingers:? should be one about good luck, or good wishes?
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Ummmmmmm.......... how bout both!
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Hi Tigger

Sorry I haven't posted sooner but I've typed TWO posts today and lost them when I was right near the end!

Anyway, I just wanted to say keep up the good work - most people don't even get to the interview stage so you obviously have something to offer. Perhaps a visit to the local library to see if they have any books on interview skills might help - you might find some tips to help give the edge at interviews.

Yes, cold canvassing is simply approaching an employer directly even though no position has been advertised. You can learn more about it by typing in cold canvassing or cold calling into a search engine. Basically you get dressed up as if going for an interview with resume copies in hand and a big smile. Start out with "Hi my name is ..... and I'm really keen to secure a position in ......" "Do you have any vacancies at the moment?" If the answer's no, you can say something like "Do you mind if I leave a copy of my resume with you in case something comes up in the near future?". Be sure to thank them for their time and say something like "I look forward to hearing from you soon!". Most people get all upset when they're told there's no positions at the moment and walk out with a frown and droopy shoulders - don't leave that impression on the employer!. Keep the big smile and positive attitude going all the way until you're well out of sight!

It is reported that more than 40% of jobs are filled this way. Good Luck!

Look forward to hearing about your progress!

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I had worked for this other agency for close to a year before I got employed at Motorola. Anways, a few weeks ago, I called them to re-activate my job status. Today, I received a call and they have a clerical position for Sonora Qwest Labs (the ones who do blood tests, etc). It's not paying what I want, but they want someone to start tomorrow, which unfortunately, I cannot So, I called the agency back to tell her that, and she said she's going to try and convince them to see if they can extend it to Thursday, which I told her I would take it then. I've always been interested in the medical field, too, and I told her that. Plus, she said it is a temp-to-hire, and depending on how the employee does, they do give pay raises while temping. I told her I didnt want to pass this up since it sound good to me.
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That sounds promising!! i hope they will let you wait till Thursday, then!!

I may not be around to offer my congratulations when you get the job, but just know I am thinking of you, and if I was here, I would congratulate you!!!
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Unfortunately, they had to fill the lab one Oh well ...... I guess it wasnt meant to be
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I'm sorry that one didn't work out for you. I know it's hard, but try not to get too down. This is a tough market right now. The fact that you are getting interviews is a BIG plus. Many people aren't even getting that far. Believe that someone out there is looking out for you, and something great will come along. I was actually out putting out retail applications when I got the call offering me this job. They had actually hired 2 people before me, but they didn't work out. It was a perfect fit when I came in, though. It just took a while.

Hang in there - we're all behind you.
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