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interview part II

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I found 2 mortgage processor jobs that I am interested in....... One is thru an agnecy that I am aready registered thru & they have an entry level data entry job available. While on the phone with them, I received another call from an agency who found my resume off of Monster.com & she said they have a client looking for an admin. assistant where they will also cross train in accounts payable! It is also a direct hire position. It pays $11 - $12/hr which is PERFECT! Talk about the phone calls, I'm so happy! It must be my lucky day! The one said I'll probably interview tomorrow.
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Go get 'em & Good luck!!!!
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Good luck, I'll keep my fingers crossed.
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You know we're rooting for you, Tigger! I hope you get a great job with a boss who appreciates you!
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Good for you! When it rains it pours, huh? Good luck! :girly2: :girly1: :girly2: :girly1:
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Good things come to those who wait! This is fantastic news!
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That sounds great!!! I can't wait to hear how the interview goes tomorrow! Maybe you'd better set two alarms, though...
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Originally posted by Debby
Maybe you'd better set two alarms, though...
:LOL: Debby! Funny! I didnt hear back from the place because she never heard back from them. So, I will follow-up in the morning.
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best of luck Tigger. Any company will be lucky to get you!
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I know Debby was kidding, but I always set two alarms, in case the electricity went out. I had a little battery operated clock that saved my life a couple of times! Even if an electric clock has battery backup, an extra little travel alarm gave me extra protection from "Jeanie" screwup!
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I got a call from the one agency about the admin. assistant, and I am going to mee with her today, then she will call the client. She's sounds like a really nice lady. She asked how my interview from yesterday went.
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Sounds like you found someone actually interested in you as a person. Can't get better than that!
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No interview She called me up and told me that her client had hired a referral (an employee's friend!). She said they werent even supposed to do that! She appologized, but is moving forward with me to find another opportunity.
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That's too bad.

Hope something good is heading your way. You deserve it.
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I have an interview on Friday for an admin. assistant job that I found on my own thru the newspaper on Sunday! Want to know what type of company it is? It's a crematory/funeral service, which I didnt know for until I looked it up on the net. I asked the guy more, and it's their sales office, not the actual place. So, even though it sounds kinda creepy, it makes me feel better that it's sales and not seeing bodies. Can't hurt to go, and the guy sounded really nice.
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I used to work for a company that owned cemeteries and funeral home. I was in the memorialization department! We dealt with the orders on what people wanted on the headstone. It was actually a great place to work! We even got a tour of a funeral home, cemetery and crematorium. It was a great company to work for, believe it or not - alot of fun!

Good Luck!
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I'll tell ya, a place staffed with good people will make up for whatever industry they are in. Good luck with the interview. It may end up being the job of your dreams, you just never know!
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Got another call from an actual company (not an agency or recruiter) who found my resume. I did a brief phone interview with the HR manager, and she said I sound like a great fit for their company. It's an admin. assistant type position, too The hiring manager wasn't there today, so she's going to give my resume to her tomorrow so I can do an interview!
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Good luck, I hope everything turns out in your favor.
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I have my fingers crossed! I hope you get just the right job!
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Sending good thoughts your way!! I hope you get one of these jobs!
Good luck!
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..... have another one tomorrow at 2:00p for the company who found my resume off of Monster! I'm surprised because in my email she attached the benefits documents! NOt sure if that is a good sign or not, but most places don't even do that before they hire you! I meet with the HR lady who called me, her manager, and the hiring manager!
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Tigger - my fingers are crossed for you and your interviews today! Good luck!
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Wow, when it rains it pours! Good luck with all these interviews. I hope one of them ends up being exactly what you wanted. We're rooting for you!

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Tigger, How did the interviews go?
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I think they both went really well! The one company I interviewed with 3 people, and the last one to come in was the one who I think would be my supervisor. She said that the other 2 said I asked a lot of questions, which she liked because it showed I was interested. The other one (the cremation sales office) went well, too. He said they had A LOT of people apply; over 400. Out of that group, they chose 40, and out of that they chose 20 to interview. On Monday, I should hear something either way. He was also saying that in 6-9 months whoever they pick, they will hire for that position again, and that person they hire now, will move into the office manager position. So, in a way, I think I'd like that one, even though it's a strange business. I liked that place more only because it's about 15 minutes from my house, and no freeways. The 2nd one was in Scottsdale, which took me about 25 minutes. It was rush hour by the time I left, but that took me only 25-30 minutes to get home, so even that to me, isn't bad considering.........
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Glad to hear they both went well! The one that is closer to you sounds like the better deal, but either one would be good!! Good luck...let us know when you hear back from them!
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Tigger - any news????????
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I got a message on the answering maching from the sales office one and they said that they had picked someone who had experience related to their business (the sales part of cremation).
So, I emailed the one in Scottsdale and thanked her for calling me in and that I was still interested in that one. While, it's not an admin. assistant position, it's an admin. utilities clerk, which isn't what I want, but it'll be acceptable for me. If they happen to offer me it, I'll take it so I can atleast get a paycheck -- It sounds like a busy job, which is good.

I've called all of the agencies that I am registered with, and they have nothing either.

I just wish I can find something. I get my last severance check Sept 13th ....... If I dont find a job by then, we are going to be in deep &#*$. Hubby says if I cant find something, to see if the grocery stores are hiring for the people at the registers ....... which, I guess wouldnt bother me.......
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Sept. 13th is quite aways away yet, so try not to worry, although it is hard not to, I am sure you will find something by then.
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