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Help!! Found kittens...Need Kittens for Dummies

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We found four baby kittens in our roof. Mother seems to be gone. We suspect she was ran over recently. I don't know anything about newborn kittens. My husband thinks they might be two weeks old. Sent my mother and daughter to store to get doll bottles. Can I feed them goats milk until I get some advice from someone more knowledgeable? How often do they eat, etc...
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What you need to do is get the bottles and the milk replacement from a pet or feed store. They sell a replacement for a mothers milk. They usually need to be fed about every 2 to 3 hours until they can eat solid food. They should be able to start solids or a gruel at about 4 weeks. They also need to be kept in a warm area. I would find a box or large laundry basket to keep them in. Put a hot water bottle or heating pad underneath a blanket. Make sure the blanket is very flat. Kittens can get trapped in wrinkles or folds. About 20 min after they have eaten, you need to take a soft towel and stimulate their genitalia to get them to go to the bathroom. Mom usually licks them to make them go as they dont know how yet. You can do a search on the internet and theres a weath of info out there on caring for such young kittens. Good luck with them!!!
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KMR is a great milk replacement for kittens. They also sell kitty baby bottles at the pet store near the KMR. Just do everything Sandie said to do and you should be fine. I also had 3 kittens that were found at 3 weeks of age. I took them into work and was feeding them every 4 hours. It's a good thing I had an understanding employer. After a week I was exhausted. They turned out very well and all got good homes. I hope you've got help because doing it alone with four kittens can be exhausting. But you are doing the right thing. Good luck and keep us posted.
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My husband,son and I have fostered 4 kittens (one group of 3 and a single)from 2 weeks old and up - It is exhausting work - but let me tell you the reward is eternal! These little babes will bond with you like no other! The last one we fostered started out very weak, tiny, tiny tiny and is now still with us - 1 1/2 yrs old and on a diet because she now weighs 18+ pounds.
I also used a homemade heating pad called a rice bag for warmth in their bed - their favorite place, however, will be your lap! Good Luck -
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