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Newbie here Hi Everyone

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Hi everyone we are newbies on the block
we have a cat undecided to what his herrtage is he looks like a Russian Blue.
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We are new here Dusty is our baby boy very friendly loving
our names are Robin & Larry
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Hello and welcome! I hope you enjoy yourself here.

PS: I heard that people tend to be less allergic or not allergic at all to Russian Blues. Do you know if there is any truth to this?
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Hi, Robin and Larry. It's great to have you here. Tell us more and post some pictures, if you can. We'd love to see what Dusty looks like!
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Hi Russian. Welcome to the site. I hope that you find the information useful and that you post often so we can get to know you.

P.S. I also merged both of your threads to make one.
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Welcome to the site! Russian Blues are such pretty cats. We would love to see pictures. (Shameless hint)

I look forward to getting to know you and Dusty better. Happy posting!
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We are very happy to be here Dusty says Hi To Everyone.I am going to post a picture of dusty wanting to play with his dads computer
Robin & Larry & Dusty & Rest of the gang
5.Sugar Gliders
7.Hedge Hogs
1.Fancy Hamster
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Thanks for sharing that very cute picture of Dusty with us. Very pretty cat. Wow, you guys have quite a few critters! Lots and lots of furry loves!
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When found this site we were very pleased with it we have been doing research on cats.for one reason is Dusty has been biting us to the point of drawing blood.if any of of you could help us we would love to hear from you.
Robin & Larry & Dusty
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Kitten Biting This thread might be helpful to you. It's geared more towards kittens who bite, but the ideas of how to stop it work at any age. The key to changing behaviour in cats is consistency. It will take a little time, but cats are smart animals and Dusty will soon figure out what is OK and what isn't.

The "easiest" solution is to remove play/attention/affection whenever he bites. Just give a firm "No!" (not yelling, they don't understand that) and walk away from him. Also, be sure that you do not jerk your hand (or whatever part is being bitten) away since this stirs up the prey instinct and it becomes a game.

Hope this helps. You can always post your question about biting in the Behavior forum and give us more specifics about the situations when Dusty is biting, and get more taylored responses.
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Thanks it will help we will be doing this from know on.
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Your kitten sounds like mine!

Cooper "looks" like a Russian Blue & she LOVES to bite! :vampireL:


We should compare notes!!
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thanks everyone yes he does look like yours totally same green in the eyes.Lhezzza where did you get your pretty kitten from she is a doll thanks for sharing the link everyone we will keep you updated.
Robin & Dusty & larry
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Angel Puss Rescue

We were going to buy from a kitten from a breeder...
But I God that brought us into Angel Puss to take Cooper home!

(We're starting a web page with photos of Cooper... I'll give ya the link once its up)


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Welcome Russian! I'm a newbie here too, as of today!

My name is Annie, and my significant other and I have four cats
(as well as two big dogs and too many rabbits!)

We have two purebred Ragdolls, a domestic long hair, and a domestic shorthair. Our cats are beyond spoiled!!!!

Now my question - IS it true that people are not allergic to Russian Blues?? My S/O is VERY allergic to cats, but the Ragdolls have no effect on him at all. We wanted to get a Munchkin, but wonder if that would make his allergies act up. I have always loved the look of the RB's, so now I'm intrigued.... :LOL:
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Well i have an allergy tourch cats and when we got dusty i have not had any problems with my allergy.we allowed him back in our bedroom last night he was so good i gusse he was mad thats why he might be biting us.today we have not gotten bit at all
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