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HELP - Cat swelling after Spay

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we are not sure if this is normal or not and for a doctor to look at the swelling they want to charge $118 because it's after hours. can anyone help? i have some pics:

Does this look normal or like internal bleeding?
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do i need to take her to the emergency vet guy?
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Has she had a litter of kittens? If so, it looks like the milk sacs. Otherwise I would take her to the vet.
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How is she acting otherwise? Is she eating and all normally? Does she feel hot to the touch at all? Is she laying around not moving much or is she as active as she normally is? Does the area around the incision have heat in it at all?

My rule is simple: If you THINK something is wrong, it probably is. You know your cat better than anyone else and if you suspect a problem, the best thing to do is to seek vet assistance.
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My kitten got spayed about a month ago and she developed swelling. I freaked out! In humans you relate swelling to infection. However, after reading around online I found it's normal for kittens to have swelling after surgery. It comes and goes after a week or so. I will admit your kitten looks a little more swollen than mine though. I ended up taking my kitten in to the vet because her incision was really red and she had undone a stitch. To check for infection the vet checked her temperature and felt the wound a bit (at that time she already had a swollen bump and the vet said she seemed fine). I'd make sure she leaves the wound alone (my kitten didn't so she had a cone for a week), make sure she is eating and going to the bathroom, and if she seems okay otherwise I'd probably wait before going to the vet. However, I agree with Gayef, you know your cat best!!
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Looks like a botched job to me. I would take her to the vet and demand that they amend the problem as they caused it.
My best friend got her dog male "done" at a local vet. 2 days after the op it became infected and they said it was her fault. (Which it wasn't) And as it was her fault she had to pay £80 (double the original nutering price) To correct the problem.
One thing I don't get is, if a vet cocks up op. Aren't they surpost to fix it without charging?
Sorry for babbling. Anyway take her to the vet.
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WOW!! That is alot of swelling.Blaze never swelled that big.I would take her to the Vet just to make sure all is well.
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That's how some kittens look right after their spay. It's not uncommon for them to swell, but certainly NOT one month after the operation was done. Please take your baby to the vet because it just doesn't look right.
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