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Hello everyone! New here, introducing myself!

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Hello everyone, I am new here, & I thought I would introduce myself & the zoo!

I am 20 yrs old, I live on a small farm with my parents, I work full time, go to college full time, and we do small animal rescue here in our home!

I will introduce the critters now! (
Harry~14 year old cat, long white hair (neutered)
We rescued harry a few years ago. He was living in a barn, and his family was going to shoot him because they were moving and didn't want to take him along!

He is now enjoying the life of luxury living inside with us! I couldnt imagine him living in a barn!
He loves my younger brother & no one else!! lol..such a quirky personality!

Mason~3 year old black long hair (spayed)
We got mason as a kitten, she is my mom's baby!! She is very loving and loves to be brushed!
We actually got her to be a companion to our boston terrier, and they do love each other a lot!

Damioin~6 month old Siamese male
This little guy came to me on my birthday this year from a girl at college..he was a "surprise" gift... he is an evil little turkey who finds it comical to torture mason ALL of the time!! he likes to attack her when she is sleeping in her basket! he is always scheming new ways to get into trouble!!

He likes "testing fate" by sleeping on Ice (a 150 lb great dane) 's nose!!! lol..rather comical to see ice babying him!! lol

we currently have a momma cat (jasmine) and her 6 kittens up for adoption as well!!

and the 5 new ones that there is another post about under the preg. cat & kitten section..if all goes well with them!

Ice~3 year old great dane
Destiny~7 month old great dane
Jazmyn~9 month old beagle/australian sheppard mix..she is the most spoilt pupyp ever!! Dad got her for me..she was a "free puppy" in the wal mart parking lot!! she is my baby! I really don't know what I would do without her at times!

Magic~ my dad's 6 year old boston terrier/?? mix

Sandy~18 year old chihuahau mix...old girl with cancer & tumors..but she is hanging in with us for awhile longer!

Autumn~ she is a great dane/boxer/dalmation mix...she was dumped on us by my older brother when she was pregnant for 11 puppies..his fiancee (now wife) didn't want her..soo she lives with us now!!

FOSTER DOG~Molly~ 1 year old brindle/white mutt..she is autumn's puppy...gorgeous girl, so friendly..just needs a family that loves her!!

at our zoo also resides: Goats, ducks, Chickens, cocatiels, fish, a turtle, rabbits (5 fosters needing homes), a chinchilla, lots of guinea pigs (several needing homes), a hamster, and I think that is about everyone! lol

Ok..if anyone is still awake after reading that... Hello!!! lol I look forward to getting to know everyone here!
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Welcome to TCS! Wow, what a menagerie!! You'll meet many others here who are multi-species families For some reason, cat lovers just seem to have enough heart to allow any one or thing in need to find sanctuary in their care My crew includes 8 cats, 2 dogs, and 11 chickens. With all those wonderful critters in your home, I am sure that you will have plenty of fun and interesting stories to share with us
See ya in the forums, Susan
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Hello fellow Ohioan. My name is John, welcome to the site
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Hey! Welcome!! Hope you enjoy it here!
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Hello and welcome to TCS!!!
Sounds like you have a great zoo there!!

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Wow! Welcome to you and all of your kritters!
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thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

Our house is quite the zoo..but I wouldn't have it any other way!!

I will post some pics of the cats and maybe some of the other critters (of course, not ALL of them! lol) when I get on the home PC..don't have many pics on my laptop!

this is a wonderful site, and everyone is so friendly & helpful!

I am on another forum (about guinea pigs) and this place definately reminds me a lot of it!!

I must admit...I am SLIGHTLY obsessed with the guinea watch out!! I am sure you will see some of them!
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Hi welcome to TCS!
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thanks everyone for the warm welcome!

I must say, looking at all have some GORGEOUS cats!!! Captiva..the cat in your siggy has the CUTEST markings!! who is that doll?!

And John (amberthebobcat) the exotics!! where abouts in OHio do you live?

Everyone hs such cute kitties though! there such a thing as an "ugly cat"?!

I don't think so! lol
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And John (amberthebobcat) the exotics!! where abouts in OHio do you live?
My wife and I and all 9 of our cats, 4 exotic and 5 domestic, live in the snow belt of Northeast Ohio. The bobcats love the snow, but the cougar prefers a warm bed in the house
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to TCS

I'm Lucinda, I have two kittens called Max & Billy who are pictured in my signature.

Happy Posting

LuLu x
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Hi Everyone!

Sounds like you have a WONDERFUL family and glad to meet you all, especially, of course, the CATS!!! (Incomprehensible about the monster that was going to hurt your Harry -- hope that person dies in agony!!! And the same goes for all people who would even think of harming cats or other living beings...

Your cats sound gorgeous and handsome and very much loved; I hope mamma and kittens find loving forever homes, and that everyone who needs to, gets spayed/neutered a/o!

I serve 9 rescued, indoor-only, spayed/neutered adult cats, who are the lights of my life; there are also four hens, and a dizzying array of desert wildlife who either live here on the land or just visit! including jack and cottontail rabbits, wood rats, kangaroo rats, mice, snakes, lizards, birds, insects -- it's amazing how full of life the desert is! Good to meet you and purrz to all!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!...

See you on the forums!
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