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This is the first time I've ever had a problem with a kitten peeing in a corner (she's also pooped there,too.) My thinking is that it usually happens in the morning and sometimes when she's really been running and playing (we have a two story house with a basement and have litterboxes in the basement and the upstairs bathroon, but none on the main floor..don't really have anywhere to put them there, either). My thinking is that hse's too busy playing to go upstairs to the litterbox and in the morning, well, it's morning, you know??

Our approach?? We've been putting her in the litter box first thing in the morning and just last nigth had to start putting her in the bathroom when we got o bed as she peed on the kitchen floor last night.
Not to mention spraying everywhere she has peed with an enzymatic cleaner. (also been vet checked...all ok.)

We also have a black light, but for some reason never see anything when we use it

Please tell me that she will get over