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What do you think?

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This is going to be an odd question, but heck I'll ask it anyway. DH and I are going to buy a house in the near future, and I was thinking about doing the half bath with some 1950's pin-up photos. Now, some of these pictures may be suggestive, but I happen to LOVE them. My SIL and MIL have said that they hate the idea, and would rather see something more "family" friendly. Would you be offended if you went into a bathroom and saw them?
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I know I wouldn't be offended, I think its a wonderful idea. Its your bathroom!
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I wouldn't be offended...but then again, i'm really into art...etc. If that's how you want to do your new home- then do it!
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Heavens no! I think that's a really neat treatment for a bathroom. But the bottom line is it's YOUR bathroom, and if that's how you wanna do it, GO FOR IT!
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I think that would be really cool! My DH said that if we got a silver PT he wanted to do it up like a WWII bomber, complete with nose art of a pin up. We even found a back window piece with a really cool pic of Betty Page.

It's not like you're going to be putting up Penthouse spreads. Yeah, they are suggestive, but those pictures are more historical art than anything.
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IMO, pin up pics are art Children won't be seeing anything more suggestive that they would at any swimming pool, TV commercial, or even the Subway sandwich shop - and the pin up pics are often more tactful I hope that you give us pics when you're done !
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That sounds lovely - go for it if it will make you happy, it is your bathroom, and those pics sound nice. If they don't like it then they don't have to use it!
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I have a roman type bathroom with the Michelangelo creation of Adam border around the middle, they are half naked. I think your fine, your home should be what you want!
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I love the vintage nose art and pinups! I have seen some really cool ones with the ladies posing in grooming poses like brushing their hair, or powdering their noses. I think you should do your bathroom like you want it, and if people don't like it, they can just not go in it.
It would be cool if you could find some of the old style vanity things like the small stools, hand mirrors, and powder boxes to go with the theme. I found some vintage looking hat boxes at Michael's recently that might be something to go with the theme.
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Okay just thought of something else...Have you ever heard of Benefit cosmetics there packaging is adorable and a lot if it is the old pin up girls!!! It would match your bathroom!!!
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No, I wouldn't find it offensive! The old 50s pin-ups are art, and it's your bathroom so if you want it, do it!
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