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Thank you all again.

Here's the update on the remaining two:

Female: Very active, drinks formula, spits out kitty chow, and won't use litter

Male: Fairly active, very stubborn when it comes to drinking and I had a very hard time getting him to drink anything this last night and this morning, he eats the kitten chow and uses the litter. When I wash his face he wants to suck on the wet cloth. I forced him to drink a little out of the bottle this morning but yesterday and the day before I had him drinking out of the bowl.

At this point I'm really concerned about the male and just keep doing the best that I can.
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Thought I'd let you know that I just got the male to drink some formula out od the bowl! He won't go and drink it on his own I have to hold him in my arms and hold the bowl to his mouth and force him into it but at least he had some!
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That sounds good! All your hard work seems like it's paying off! I was going to suggest soaking a clean cloth, and letting him suck it, since he likes that, but if he's drinking out of the bowl, all the better.
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So happy to hear the encouraging news! Have you tried feeding the little guy forumula with a dropper instead of a bottle? Some kittens like a dropper best.

I'm still pulling for you all... thanks for keeping the updates coming!

Cheers, from
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Thanks Jcat and Swampwitch! I will try the wet cloth idea if I continue to have difficulty. I know we're far from being out of the woods yet but it is so much fun to watch them play and frolic together after the week that we've just experienced. We'll just keep praying things will work out for them.
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I'm hoping no news is good news!

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So far, so good!

They are both drinking their formula withiut a problem. I don't have to force feed the male at all anymore. They are always playing and playing rather rough with each other at that! I am concerned over the female because her stools are very soft and liquid like. But otherwise they seem to be doing great!
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<SIGH>....still LOTS OF PRAYERS!!!!!!
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Hello Everyone! Just thought I would let you know how the kittens are doing. They turned eight weeks old today. They eat wet and dry, they drink, and they use the litter box. They have tons of energy and just seem to be doing great!

I do have to find homes for them now, I just hope I can find someone who will take both of them because I just don't want to separate them.

I want to thank everyone here for their advice, concerns, support, and prayers. All of you helped us through a very difficult period and it is much appreciated.

If there are any other developments I will let you know.

Thankyou again!
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Thanks for the update with the happy news! Yay!

Cheers, from
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That is good news. I'm happy they are doing so well. Kudos to you for doing so much to help them. Thank you for the update as well. We always like to know how the fur babies are doing.
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oh, big, big smile.
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Terrific job, and news! Thank you for the update, which brought a smile to my face.
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My first foster litter was like that, I lost half the kits but the other 2 lived, one I kept and she is my little Gina, I nursed her thru some tought times but she is great now.
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I'm sorry I haven't been back to this thread, I only just received one notification a few minutes ago that someone had posted, but I see there have been lots of updates!

Good news on the little ones. How are their stools? You can't really let them go to a new home unless all systems are working well.
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Thanks everyone for the congratulations!

Kumbulu, Their stools now appear to be very normal and fragrant . Their appitite is very good as is their energy level. I'm really not sure who will end up taking them but I do know that I won't let them go with someone who will not give them the best of care. I really was crying yesterday morning at the thought of them leaving but they do need a new home. I still keep them in my bedroom at night while during the day they are out for several hours but I have to put our cat downstairs at this time. Our cat didn't mind being downstairs because the kitten's mother was with him and that was scary in of it itself because he really played rough with her but my sister took the mom cat today and Bootz is not going to be happy alone downstairs for any length of time knowing that there is activity upstairs, I won't let him by the kittens...not to sound over dramatic here...but I think that he would kill them. But anyway, sorry to go on and on here, it is just so wonderful to see them
being so healthy!

Thanks again for all of your responses!
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