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I had a Ginger Scarf!

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LOL I've found out that Ginger isn't a lap cat. She's a shoulder cat. She just woke up from a nice long nap, and I picked her up to love on her. She stayed there for a little bit, then crawled up and wrapped herself around the back of my neck, just purring away. She almost fell asleep there, except that I wanted Earl to take a picture and she saw the strap which is irresistable to kitties.

Anyone else have a shoulder kitty? It's so cute, even if it is a bit uncomfortable.
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Awww Ginger seems like such a well adjusted kitty. For being in new surroundings she certainly is easy going.

I have 3 shoulder kitties. Sometimes Im walking around my house doing "my thing" with a cat wrapped around my shoulder. They have no idea how skillful I have to be trying to sort laundry or whatever with one hand on their rear just to keep them from falling.

Ginger sounds so truly special ...
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yes, the first cat i ever had was shoulder cat,
sit at the tv or computer and she would want to be on your shoulders.,

or maybe it was just a trick to nibble my ear!!!!!
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Lucy and Carly aren't scarves but they want to be held with their front legs on my shoulder. This means one handed typing, one handed sorting laundry, etc.
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My first cat was a shoulder cat when she was little. She did grow out of it.

How very sweet -- and ENCOURAGING! -- that Ginger is settling in so quickly!
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Awwww! Mooch is a shoulder or chest cat. She doesn't fit on my shoulders too well anymore. She tries to sit on my chest and smother me still though... somewhere I have a pic. I took it myself. I used to be able to walk around the house some with her on my shoulder.
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She sounds so very sweet. Ophelia likes to crawl up next to one side of my neck, and do lots of head bumps and rubs along my face, then just settles there until I've had enough of her balancing there partially on shoulder, partially on my chest
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What a sweetie Ginger is! It's like she's just ever so grateful that you have made her a member of the family - she has adjusted amazingly well. I am so happy for all of you!!
My first JC was a shoulder kitty, and instinctively knew to lay against my injured neck and purr. It was every bit as soothing as the hot packs and ultrasound at physical therapy. My current JC did the same thing as a kitten, and his thick fur added even more warmth, but as he grew nearer to his current 15 lbs., I had to discourage him- the weight became painful
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She sounds like a real doll
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Ginger sounds like a real sweet girl! Jacob's a shoulder kitty when I'm at the computer - he likes to watch the screen over my shoulder!
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Heidi...I think that Ginger is going to be full of wonderful suprises.
We must see shoulder kitty pictures.
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My Muddy is a shoulder rider, but only the left shoulder. You put him on the right and he squirms to get away. Go figure.

Our huge (OTB) manx, Max was my husband's shoulder rider. At 18 pounds, he would just hang up there. Steve could do things like cook a meal, do laundry, vacuum (yes vacuum), and Max would just hang out on this shoulder. It took a long time for the claw marks to fade from Steve's shoulder after Max crossed - not that he would claw, but if Steve wiggled too much, Max would grab and dig in. Steve didn't mind.
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I LOVE the kitty scarf! Gary was so jealous when I showed him the pic of Nakita wrapped around Rob's neck. Flowerbelle likes being carried around - but she's the two feet on the should kind of cat. The rest of the gang are so large I'm glad they don't want to be scarves!

We were at the vet once, and a man walked in with a Flowerbelle-sized cat sitting on his shoulder like a parrot. She just perched there! Gary asked him how he trained her to do that. Of course his answer was - she turned up at our house as a teeney kitten one morning, my wife brought her in - and she's just always done this.

Gary SO wanted a parrot cat, lol! Oh well - not to be. We'll just have to enjoy everyone else's pics.
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That is cute!
I have no shoulder cats but the rats love to climb on my shoulders and snuggle into my hair!
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