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Cat Names + stuff

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I'm curious about cat names. Ones I see regularly on this site are Gizmo (understandably as most of our little furry critters bear a striking resemblance to the humble mugwoi (sp)).

Also Tiger (Tigger). Also, fairly sef-evident.

I'd really like to know what everyone's cats are called and why (the more obscure the better).

ALSO. . . Hey - I've just thought of this. I know we've got members piccies, and people post pics of their cats sometimes (as well as Picture Caption Forum of course), what about a cat gallery? One pic per cat only.

Maybe also a Rainbow Bridge Gallery?

Whaddya think?
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Hi Yola!

We have pet pages already set up, thanks to Anne. If you go to the top of the page and see the heading, underneath it has other catagories and the one I am talking about is called Cat Pages. Click on that and you can see most of the members cats as well as set up pages for your own.

We also have a member's picture forum. It is in the Lounge, one of the few threads that are stuck to the top of all the other threads that come in.

There is a literary forum called Paws & Reflect, a memorial forum for pets who we have lost called Crossing the Bridge (for Rainbow Bridge) Actually, there are forums here for just about every cat and owner needs. Thanks again to Anne Moss who put together this wonderful place.

Oh and pet names, here are mine:

Kahuana- the big K or Special K- the most mellow of my kitties and a good ambassador
Bailey- my orange clown
Bartee- my black polydactyl
Trip-the Alpha of the bunch and the smallest female I have ever seen.
Stryker- out of a litter of 3 manx's we named them Stryker, Charley and Bravo because the mother had been through hell before they arrived.
Dunkin-whose owner tried to drown her in a nearby lake when she was a baby!
Karma- a rescue who kept getting returned to us over and over again
Shredder- whose passion is shredding paper of any sort
Kabota- named after a popular tractor here in the northwest because when he was so tiny, he was so big we called him Tractor Butt
Gangster- a big orange feral who has repeatedly refused to be captured
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Yola, my cats are Opie and Rowdy. "Rowdy" is self-evident. Opie is a mischievous redhead.

I don't know how familiar you are, with 1960s American sitcoms but Opie Taylor was Ron Howard's character on the "Andy Griffith Show", when he was a child star.
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Ivo got her name from an art poster in my neighbor's apartment. We originally thought she was a he, and Ivo is a male name, but we were wrong. By that time, though, I thought of her as Ivo.

There is a Saint Ivo, the patron saint of lawyers and abandoned/orphaned children. Good saint name for a stray cat, eh?
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Cindy - is that the Ron Howard who was in Happy Days and now directs films?

Christy - a patron saint of LAWYERS? Is that for real? I can understand poor orphans needing a patron, but LAWYERS? They're big enough and ugly enough to look after themselves :LOL:

Hissy - Tractor Butt?!? That's so funny. BTW, can't access the Cat Pages, keep getting error messages.
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Yup, Saint Ivo was a canon lawyer himself.

From http://www.catholic-forum.com/saints/sainti08.htm

abandoned people, advocates, attorneys, bailiffs, barristers, Brittany, canon lawyers, canonists, judges, jurists, lawyers, notaries, orphans
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Pet names:

Taja: (our first Bengal queen) Hindi: a crown

Alexis Aditi: Alexis I liked it wanted to name my daughter that but hubby said no! Adidi: Hindi: free and unbounded. In Hindu lore, Adidti is the mother of the gods and is often asked to bestow blessings on children and cattle or to grant protection and forgiveness. I also read she was a goddess.

Tedi: Well that is what her breeder called her and I have not come up with anything else yet.:laughing2

And Simon: I named him that be cause he is Siamese and I wanted to call him Simon Siamese. Not a good reason but it was the reason.
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Yola I just tried to access them and got through. Perhaps it is your server?

Yep- tractor butt fit him. He used to plow into this brother Shredder and knock him end for end at feeding time. He was a bully and a half!
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I REALLY need to make a cat page for my cats...I STILL have not done that yet. I've posted some pics here, but not actually on the cat pages. I will have to do that once I get my film developed and either scanned or put on a disk...I'll have more recent pictures to put on the pages then!

My cat names:

Tabitha (from the TV show Bewitched...but we call her Moma, because
she had 5 babies with her when I got her from a woman who
was going to put her down)

Sheba (big black long haired cat)
Sebastion (her identical twin brother)
Oscar (named for Oscar the grouch on Sesame street...he was a grumpy
old Tom, before I had him neutered, now he is rather clam.)

Phoebe (Oscars identical twin sister, named for Phoebe on the TV show
Smoke (Big grey male)

*Those last 5 are all of Tabitha's kids*

Merlin (my baby, although he is almost 2 now...rescued him as a 6
week old baby, found crying and in shock in the barn...almost
died, he was very lethargic, had to feed him until he was
well enough to eat on his own. He is the only cat that is a
"house" cat. Named for my father, because I got him a week
or so after my dad "Merle" died. I believe his mom is
Tabitha also, as I had not yet had her spayed, (she is now)
and she disappeared for awhile,I think she and the feral Tom hooked up and then she
abandoned him. The others in the litter must have died)

Milo (big orange fluffy male, named for the orange kitten in the
movie, "Milo and Otis" got him from the local shelter.

Snowball (big fluffy long haired white male, obviously named...got him
from a guy at work)

Lips ( Tuxedo female, my close friends 10 year old daughter named her,
because her chin right under her mouth is all white)

Whiskers (a starving stray I rescued from town)

Sylvester (kitty that looks like Sylvester the cartoon cat)

Sabrina (long haired grey female kitty named for Bewitched character)

Charlotte (grey female kitty, no reason, just liked the name)

The last three are feral kitties I rescued and tamed.
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Faile (pronounced Fy-el) my medium haired black baby. She is named for a character in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. In the books, Faile is a young woman of noble birth, who leaves her home to be an adventurer. She has black hair, and took the name Faile because in her language it means falcon. Since my Faile was a stray and fending for herself, it seemed to fit.

Molly is my orange tabby. She is named for my good friend Molly, who said that Molly would make a great name for the new kitten. She was very happy when we decided to name the cat after her.
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Yeah, Yola, that's the same Ron Howard. I just hope that MY Opie doesn't go bald, too.
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Fred is named after the horror movie bad guy, Freddy Krueger. Even at 4 weeks old, he had the hugest claws that would spring out. He is a very sweet kitty, but also not the prettiest kitty, so we thought it a fitting name.

Leo just had to be named Leo. By his birth date, his astrological sign is Leo. He was born on the same day as famous guitar builder, Leo Fender. When I brought him home after finding him in a parking lot, when I got out my Cornell Book Of Cats to find out what to do for him until morning, it fell open to a quote from Leonardo di Vinci. "The smallest feline is a masterpiece." He has turned out to be the most beautiful kitty I have ever had. If he had not been so scared, he could have been a model for a cat food ad, but that is another story.

Pearl is a beautiful, luminous white kitty. Also the alter ego of one of my favorite singers, Janis Joplin.

Georgia was originally George. We had another gray tabby kitty that had to be sent to the bridge, and we for some reason, could never seem to get the name of the new kitty right, so we gave up and called him(?) George. Then we found out he was a she. We called the original kitten George, because Fred would love him and pet him an squeeze him.(and call him George)
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Well I always wanted the name izmo for a cat but as the rabbitcame first he got christened Gizmo - mainly as I used to love Gremlins when I was younger and though Gizmo was cute - In fact I can do a rather good gizmo impression.

The cat is called Corky - mainly because of a nickname I used to have was Corker, and I thought the shortened version Corky suited her. It also means lively / bubbly which is very fitting.
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Yola: Well I seem to take the cake when it comes to 'odd pet names' at least thats what my friends call them. I think they are all beautiful.

Most are real names by some origin, but some are made up.

Asim, Isha, Saskia, Vevina, Tage, Zene, DC, Suki (more popular), Loki, Corby, Jengo Nen, Keiji. That's just to name a few from pets I've owned
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Well here goes...

Mitzi was Mitzi from the day I met her. I don't really like the name but that's her name and it kind of fits her.

Xavier got his name because before I even met him I was socializing a feral kitten at work. The kitten I named Little Leroy and I fell in love with him. Brian and I had wanted to adopt him and we picked out the name Xavier for him out of a baby book because Brian hated the name I gave him but the head tech was being a beep about us adopting him so we didn't get him. I was really sad and probably even mad about it until another tech pulled me into an exam room with this 3 month old black kitten. He was up for adoption and when I picked him up he snuggled right up. I was sold and that weekend Brian and I picked him up and named him Xavier.

Fallon became Fallon because her original name was Skunky and honestly it just was not a good name for her.

Sampson was already named and with his long hair and big feet what other name would fit?
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Disclaimer: Although, in theory, my DH and I name our cats together, I never know what name I will find at the vet's since he likes to embroider on them. So the following are names actually used at the vet's for present and past cats...


Bugs Brownshoes aka Gotta Love me Now Cat... apparently so-named because Bugs has distinctive brown "stockings"

Rum Tum Tugger aka Hey you, stop that!... the first part is from TS Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats (and, yes, it's recorded that way at the vet's including the exclamation mark...)

A sample from the past:

Skank Bandit aka the Antichrist... the most inventive and charming gray hellion we have ever had the joy of knowing... he stated out as Bandit but rapidly became in danger of being called You Little... well, I'll let you fill in the blank... I was actually relieved that Skank stuck... I had fears of being barred from the vet's or at least having an X-rated chart.

Chicken Pie Chkai... the chicken pie part comes from my DH's love of Ry Cooder and the second from my Ukranian grandmother... it's a phonetic spelling of the word "wait."

Sam the Bandit Cat... the bandit part comes from the long hair between Sam's toes, which DH contended masked her pawprints at any crime.

Stubby Joe, the Half-a-Tail Cat: Stubby was a sunny, stumpy Manx with a quarter-inch tail. The half-a-tail description shows DH's love of exaggeration...

Thomas or Jerome... a rougish hardcore orange feral we took under our wing... we couldn't agree on the name, so he got both.
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Ophelia is named after the character in Shakespeare's Hamlet. We talked for hours about a name for her, and couldn't decide on anything. Finally I just started naming characters from any novel, play or anything I could think of (I was an English major in college.) Ophelia just fit her, and it was the only name we agreed on.

Trent was originally going to be Hamlet, to go with Ophelia, but it did not fit him at all. By his demeanor, it came down to Rozz after Rozz Williams (an obscure Goth singer - big in the Goth scene, but no one else knows him) and Trent after Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails. Obviously, Trent was the winner, mainly because kitty Trent threw himself around when he was playing in much the same way as Trent Reznor does on stage.
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Our cats are called Casper and Kitty, nothing dramatic or any special stories there, sorry to dissapoint!

Here's Casper's page here at the Cat Site

Here's Kitty's page
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Jack.... the alpha cat Our daughter named him
Bridgette.... She's the dainty one
Sebastion.... Bridgettes brother
Tabby aka Crabby tabby.... a schizophrenic cat
Sammy... He's looks like a sammy
Ariel... aka missy miss...reminds us of the cartoon
Rhiann.... means little maiden in celtic
Girl... ummm cuz she is
Kaos......|- Because they are
Antarctica.... She's pure white and that's where I lived a great
portion of our marriage
BraveHeart.... Cuz he survived with one hell of a fight aka Peanut
cuz he's so small
Excalibur..... You'd have to see him
Avalanche..... Antarctica's son an odd eyed white
Pandora....... There's just soooo much in that little tiny kitten

Think I got em all...
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Gizmo got his name because when we got him as a kitten he had the biggest ears and bore a striking resemblence to the famous movie mogwi (sp?) His nickname is Giz, and I usually only use his full name when he's in trouble!

Tigger was named after my favorite Pooh character! Also, the way he bounces around the house helped to seal the deal!
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Whisky-My friend actually named him that when she got him as a kitten. He is an Orange tabby so she made a connection with the color of whiskey. (I got Whisky when he was 1 1/2 years old because she didn't want to keep paying pet deposits.) I've had him for 7 1/2 years now.

Oliver-He was already named that when I got him from a vet hospital after someone dumped him on the front door with a note. (in a carrier, at least)
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Loki my 2 yr. old bouncing Bengal baby boy was appropriately named after the Norse god of mischief!! (hehehehehe)
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Sunshine, all black female, named her this because even though she is solid black her eyes glow like the sun in a very potent color of yellow.

Cymone, calico female, we named her this in honor of our little kitty Simon who was hit by a car last year at only 5 months old. ( By the way, we named him Simon cause he just looked like a Simon!! ) We got her shortly after and decided to name her the "female version" of simon. She is very sweet, and looks like a Cymone to me now.
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MY cats name is angel
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Pepperpot - hubby named her because she is tortiseshell and the colour looks like a chipotle pepper.

Sugarly - I named her after a character in a fantasy novel. The Character was a male vet named Dr. Sugarly Dobbs, but I thought that it suited her because she is sweet.

Excalibur - I named her after the sword in the stone of Arthurian legend. He is my sweet chunky boy!

Merlin - Named after the Magician. He is a momma's boy and a trouble maker.

Striker - he was striking, although he is never called by his name - we call him Gweeky as he makes little gweeking sounds instead of meows.
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Many of my cats have two names - one the pedigree, and one the "house" name:

Swan (Cobber)
Different Drummer (Denzil)
Cadfael (Mausi)
ShakespEARean Sonnet (Sonnet)
Beatrice (Bea) (our first litter, Much Ado aAbout Nothing names) siblings, Benedick, Claudio, Hero)
Susanna (Suzu)(A Mozart year - siblings Figaro, Cherubino, Il Conte, La Contessa)
Pamina (same year, the Magic Flute quartet, siblings Regina della Notte, Tamino, Papageno)
Ear My Song (Vivi)(Three Folds in a litter of three, so I celebrated by calling them all by Ear names! Her brothers were Ear I Come (Cosmo) and Ears to You (Snooks)
Like an Angel (Angel), from Henry V: siblings Harry the King, Muse of Fire
Katie L. (a single kitten, named after my favourite Chat, KTL)

The kittens who will be leaving are all named after fellow moderators or members of the above: Cinnamindy, Antony-Bagpuss, York Harper, Shani, Teigh Tathal, Tora Chan, Robert and Pern Dragon

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Sasha...my tortie. Mom wanted to call her Ginger, I said no. no special meaning. aka, Chubs, muffin, pumpkin, and any other pet name I come up with.

Tag...daughter of Sasha. When she was little and her sister would start to venture out of the box, Tag would put her paw on sissy's back and "tag" her. (I let Mom name her)...aka Taggles

Turtle...daughter of Sasha, sister of Tag. As a baby, she took awhile getting her back legs under her, so when she walked she looked like a swimming turtle. aka, monkey, bobbins, and a million other dumb things.

In the Past:
White Socks: my first stray when I was 8. black w/ white socks
Tigger: used to be a big Pooh fan, striped grey kitty.
Herculese: Scrawny little boy with long legs and big ears who thought he was tough stuff
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My neighbor below me has a all black cat named "sh*thead". Largest female cat I have ever seen (15-20 lbs.)

Steve Martin named his dog "Sh*thead" in the movie "The Jerk". Maybe that is where he got the name.
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Hi Yola,
my Maine Coon is named Pinsel (that´s like painting brush in German) Because of those lovely tufts in her ears.Our domestic shorthair is called Lily,Her predecessor was called Bibi. Iwas told that cats react and answer best to the i vowel.Our first cat was named Oscar because the children liked the name. Then we had NIKE (the Greek goddess of victory). My husband is half Greek).So much about names for cats All the best Elisabeth
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Moogie was named after a character from Star Trek: DS9 - there are a family of Ferengis and Moogie is the affectionate term for mother in Ferengi. Plus she was naked and didn't understand the rules of acquisition.

Alf after a kid's TV series from the 80s - Alien Life Form.

Veronica - she was going to be a Bernadette, but my partner was concerned at the Irish catholic connections.... I told him the tale of St Veronica about a month after he accepted the name. Plus her colouring is similar to Kirstie Ally's hair in the early series of Veronica's Closet.

I can't remember why Reg became a Reg
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