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Monday's DT

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Hope everyone had a great week-end!

I finally did it! Made jam for the first time in my life on saturday. It turned out really yummy. Right now though, I am soooo stuffed with raspberries. Couldn't stop nibbling during the whole "jam" process.

Not much planned for today. A couple of co-workers and I were supposed to take half a day and head down to the beach. I haven't been there in years....But, of course, one of the girls walked into a complete disaster and will probably have to spend part of the day pulling reports. So...it'll be another day this week.

Went on a full day family outing yesterday. Had a great time.(Did way too much eating!!!) Daddy is normally working so the boys were just thrilled to have him to themselves for a whole day.

We're having alot of trouble with algae in our pool. Appeared suddenly, overnight it seems. Anyone know how to clear up the pool again? We use chlorine regularily and make sure the PH is acurate. I have no idea what causes this problem. The pool was crystal clear 2 days ago Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great day everyone!!!!
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Good Morning!!!

I am going to the doctor today in Des Moines for another routine baby check. I am going to tell him I hope this is the last time I have to see him, unless it is in the delivery room!!! :laughing:

Hubby is taking me, since I don't want to drive 70 miles alone, and have never driven in a big city. I COULD, if I had to, but it makes me nervous, all the traffic and different lanes, etc....I feel more comfortable driving in smaller towns.

He is still a bit grumpy, but since I am buying him lunch at the restaraunt of his choice, that should cheer him up some.

Other than that, I have no plans today. What are you all doing? I am sure alot of you are at work.

I merged these two threads....I guess I had started one right after you did, Ghy. Glad your jam turned out well!!! I don't have any pool advice, though. Hope you have a great day!
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You gotta pool G?

I'm jealous. It's HOT here. Been HOT since Friday. That was good coz I had Friday off and sat in the garden. Today is not so good. At work. In a HOT office, and my friend is off sick and everyone else is being totally po-faced.

I don't like Mondays. Especially after such a good weekend. I had a great mix of relaxing, doing garden stuff and retail therapy. Got taken to Selfridges in London and had some LURVELY stuff bought for me.

Debby - you should try driving in London! Not as bad as Paris, Rome or Milan, but pretty hairy all the same. Taxi drivers particularly seem to think red lights are for jumping. As for lane control? What's that?

Luckily it was hot so I had the hood (roof - you guys call a bonnet a hood don't you?) down so I had good visibility not the usual sliver of light coming in through the back 'window'.

Enough rambling. Have a good day everyone.
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I have the day off! Today is my decompress day - goofing off. Bill is grilling a steak, tonight so, I don't have to cook.

Woke up, around 4:00 a.m. and can't get back to sleep. Maybe later, I can catch a nap. Wish I could be like the cats - fall down and sleep. Rowdy is snoozing on my scanner, right now.

Have a good one.
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Why do I keep doing this??????? :LOL: Tomorrow, I will think of the DT and wait 5 minutes before posting!!!

Debby, good luck at the doctor's!! I'll cross my fingers and hope he actually tells you: "It's almost time!". Hope your hubby is in a good mood today. Nothing like travelling 70 miles with a grumpy old bear sitting beside you.

Yola: We have a 15 foot pool. Not huge but just right for two little guys that are under 4 feet. Just sad because it looks like swamp water right now.... It is the best though for cooling down on a very hot day and since we never really go anywhere on vacation, we more or less had to make our back yard into a pretend vacation spot. BTW: I'm jealous...Paris, Rome, Milan....I'll probably never even venture anywhere near there. *sigh* Except for in my romance novels!!!
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Ghys...."Grumpy old Bear" :laughing:

Hey maybe I should borrow one of your romance books to read on the way....maybe he would get the hint...
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Debby....if you really like to read, let me know! I'll send some out your way! Right now I'm reading "Lethal Seduction" from Jackie Collins. It's actually very vulgar and pretty "detailed" in every aspect. A very Hollywoodish book. I'd like to say it's a good book and in a way, it is but...it's definately not a romance novel. Let's just say I'm not letting hubby read over my shoulder!!!
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Oh I LOVE Jackie Collins! I haven't read that one yet!!!
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G. - my parents used to have a pool, they moved about 2-3 years ago. Anyways, when my parents would go on trips I would come over and take care of the pool. They had a problem with algea too. I believe what they used was called "Zap-It," I'm not quite sure. It's this powder that comes in a big plastic tub. Well you take a certain amount, as indicated on the label, and you walk around the perimeter of the pool and sprinkle it in the water right along the wall. This really helped cut down the frequency my dad had to scrub the walls (because of algea). Hope this helps some

If the water is really murkey at this point, you may have to do a shock treatment. I don't remember how that works but I know you can't go in the water for a couple of days once the water turns clear again.
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Thanks Sabra, I will try both options!
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Another "nothing going on at work" day today. I'm running out of things to keep myself busy with. It is also supposed to be hot today, mid-90s. Thank goodness for air conditioning!

We found a place to move into this weekend. We were heavily looking at one place, but when it came down to it the leasing staff, who were obviously on commission, got real heavy handed on the sales and were trying to push us into something we really can't afford. Once again, I'm so glad everyone has all this extra money laying around that can be spent on anything. So we basically wasted Friday afternoon and Saturday looking at one place. I finally dragged hubby out of the house at 3:00 on Sunday, in time to see one place. Well, we really liked the layout, the price was right, and we got a great move-in special. We got the deposit dropped from $375 to $80, and they are giving us $1500 rent credit, so we are using $500 to cover the month we move and spread out the rest over the year's lease. I'm pretty excited. It is a bit smaller than where we are now, but we will be saving over $200 a month on rent.

The other really good thing that is going on is my supervisor decided to get a kitty. She was going to go pick one out this weekend, but that fell through, so I suggested she go to petfinder.com and look there. Well, she found two sisters that she really likes and is waiting for one of the rescue organizations here to call her back to see if they are available. The kitties are in a foster home, and they actually have another sister so she said she will probably end up with all three! She will be a really good kitty mom, and I'm glad that she is giving these rescued kitties a chance.
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