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Plantigrade Stance & Litter (Smokey)

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Smokey developed plantigrade stance shortly after he was diagnosed with diabetes. He is on insulin and his glucose level is pretty much controlled. His rear legs remain weak however and it looks like they won't be improving. The problem is his use of the litter box! He doesn't have the strength to stand high enough in the litter box to avoid wet rear legs when he urinates. Then the clay litter sticks to his fur and is very hard to remove. I've tried various types of litter and so far haven't found a solution. Does anyone have experience with this problem and if so, did you find a remedy? Thanks for your help. Jackie
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Hi Jackie and welcome to TCS.

I cared for three diabetic cats over time and in my experience, the best litter to use for them is plain old non-clumping clay litter. Since a diabetic cat urinates more frequently, the box needs to be changed more often and using the premium types of litter became cost-prohibitive for me. I used the litter box liner-bags and it made the job a lot quicker and less messy for me.

If good old non-clumping clay isn't working for you, you could try one of the pellet-types (such as WBCL or Feline Pine).

Hopefully other here will chime in with their thoughts as well.

Again, welcome and please give Smokey a big smooch on his nose from me - I have a soft spot in my heart for the sugar-cats.
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