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Smudge update

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We took her back to the shelter for a weight check, and she's 1lb 4oz! Woohoo!! So after a rough start, she's gaining weight well. Last Friday she was 15oz! She'll probably hit the 2lb mark at 10 weeks, so is about 2 weeks growth behind the "average" kitten.

She'll get her first vaccinations at 1lb 8oz, then spayed at 2lb, so we'll keep her for another 3 weeks probably. They're certainly in no rush to take her back - they have a massive URI outbreak, and cat adoption has been closed for quarantine since the day after I took Smudge - I got her out just in time! It's a small shelter, and having 20 cats there is really busy for them. They currently have over 30 in quarantine, and another 10 or so who are almost healthy, or have just come into the shelter and haven't got sick yet. Poor things

Smudge was having SO MUCH FUN playing on the bed this morning. She would sit at hubby's feet, and I'd wiggle my fingers, and she'd come bounding up to me, roll around playing with me fingers, then I'd pretend I was going to grab her, and she ran away retreating back to hubby's feet where she'd wait, wiggling her bum for the next round. She pounced and retreated for about 45 minutes before we got sick of the game...

Then after we showered and dressed and so forth, I went downstairs and she was trying to get on the couch where hubby was sitting, so he put her up next to him, and she ran up to his chest, and snuggled into his chest under his neck and purrrrrred away and fell asleep.
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I am so happy to hear that little Smudge is doing better. She sounds so cute. I think about her everyday, so let her know that there is someone out there that has her on her side. Keep gaining that weight sweetie!
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I am always looking for Smudge updates and pics! She's really stolen my heart. I sure hope someone from TCS can adopt her so we can keep getting updates on the little sweetie. She sounds like so much fun, and such a little love!
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Heidi, I've noticed you're an avid Smudge fan

Are you sure you can't pop on over here to California and adopt her?
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
Heidi, I've noticed you're an avid Smudge fan

Are you sure you can't pop on over here to California and adopt her?
If I didn't live in Ohio, she would be mine! I just love her to death. Please keep us updated!
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It's so good to hear that little Smudge is continuing to gain weight. She sounds like such a fun and happy little girl. Here's more hugs for the little sweetie.
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Thanks for the update!!! I'm soo happy the little cutie is doing better!!!! You are taking such wonderful care of her!!!

My foster brat Kenzie sends he love to Smudge too!!!
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that is the best news about smudge im so happy for you
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That's such good news! Keep on growing, little Smudge!
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I hope she gets to stay right were she is you all seem so happy together. And the more the merrier.
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I just found out today that 3 cats in our apartment is allowed...

If I mention that to DH he'll be like

And I'll be going...
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Awww, I remember when Tink was that small! We found her abandoned by her mom at 2 weeks precious.
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I think he is sold on her anyway. And Lilly seems like she is so how about Stumpy are they both sold on her.
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Both cats don't mind her at all. They don't interact with her much, but I think that's just because she's so small, they prefer to play with each other. They sniff at her often, and have started trying to play with her, which is just batting paws at each other, but I think they're pretty careful with her.

I honestly don't want to keep her though. Well, I do, but I'd prefer to give her back her back and have her find a great home, and be able to save more sickly kittens in the future
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Just saw this thread. Great to hear that Smudge is packing on the ounces!
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