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What color is she?

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My friends kitty, i am think calico but torti maybe? she doenst have 3 distinct colors

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I think she is a torti (Can't spell the real name )
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see since kirra is a torti i figured zoe was a calico i know torti's dont usually have that much white.....hmm she is a wierd cat though thats for sure
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She's a tortoise shell and white, a tortie.
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hehe okies, is it cause she doesnt have the 3 distinct color patches?
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Right, calico is larger patches distinct from one another, tortie is smaller patches of blended color.

Bad pic I know, but Spaz, the tortie is my sig is so blended there really are no patches at all, more of a brindling effect.
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Tortie/tortoiseshell - black/red colors intermingled/blended

Calico - basically a white cat with patches of red and black

Tortie and white - tortoiseshell with some white - usually on the face, chest, legs, belly.

So the cat in the picture is a tortie and white
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