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How much is too much olive oil for a cat?

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We eat a lot of fresh bread dipped in olive oil and then in spices. Recently I left the bowl of olive oil out and came in to find splashes of olive oil all over the counter. I then caught Laura and Kiko dipping their paws into the bowl and licking their paws. I would LOVE for them to eat olive oil, but is there an amount that is too much ? I need to figure how to get it to them to eat other than dipping their paws and splashing olive oil everywhere. The other 3 kitties do not seem to be interested in eating any whatsoever. Any suggestions ?
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I know that some people give olive oil to their cats to help with hairballs.

Keep in mind that olive oil is still oil and oil is fat and too much fat equals weight gain. Cats need a whole lot less calories than us humans, so I'd keep it as an occasional treat for them (once or twice a week) and only a small amount like a 1/2 teaspoon or so.
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last night i research this for at least an hour on the web pami because i was very interested myself about it.

what i found:

the dosage ranged from 1tsp/day to a tsp once a week. it seemed that the only recommendations i saw came from non-professional sources and many times from holistic advocators. i tried hard to find a vet or professional site that recommended it. as far as i know this is an old remedy, found in the times when they used to think that milk was the cure-all for sick cats.

many people say it's good for hairballs, but i think good quality food is the best way to go.

as far as using it as a treat, i'm not sure. olive oil is not a balanced meal treat. mostly i've heard of using it with food. if you do keep using it please make sure that the oil is fresh.

i think feeding olive oil is a risky venture
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My vet recommended it when Dino couldnt poop just a few drops over his meat once a day for about a week - it did the trick, other than that I´m not so sure ??
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I give 1/2 teaspoon once a week mixed with wet food, been doing this for many years.
I don't think it really has any health benefits beyond helping with hairballs and keeping the digestive tract running smoothly as it were.
It's far too low in any of the essential fatty acids to do much else.
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Thank you for your responses, I was under the assumption that there was a "health benefit " to olive oil. So since we do not have any hairball problems or poop problems, I guess I will limit the intake and possibly let him have it as Arlyn suggest to keep his digestive tract running smoothly. Thank you all again !
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