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How long will it take for them to get along?!

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Hi all,

This is my first post on these forums. I haven't quite worked out how to attach photos of my beautiful kittens yet but I'm sure I will eventually!

We have Thor (age 2) who is a tabby with white socks and chest, and (despite her manly name) is a female. She had an eventful start to life, her first owner couldn't find the time to look after her so I adopted her when I was living with a friend who already had two young cats. I then moved house, so for the last 18 months Thor has been the only cat and very settled.

Three weeks ago, we got a new kitten called Loki (10 weeks) who is a beautiful soft grey colour, and have slowly introduced her to Thor to a point where Thor will tolerate Loki being in the same room. However, Loki is very playful and Thor is a moody teenager and is having none of it! She hisses and growls and hits out at Loki if she gets too close.

Part of the reason we got Loki was as a companion for Thor but it's not looking good for a loving relationship!

I know it's only been three weeks, and they've made great progress, but will they ever get on? Will they ever cuddle and play together?

Any experience/advice much appreciated!
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Cats don't mind being solitary so long as you're around to entertain and serve as "prey" sometimes.

They just have to feel the waters sometimes and just let nature take its course.

Of course, I learned that I had to isolate the newcomer to a room and have him/her snuggle or sleep on a towel or whatever and have the established kitty sniff and be around the towel with the new kitty's scent on it. Do the same thing in reverse and back again for about a week and then slowly introduce them.

I realize it's too late now but chances are, they'll get along soon. If not, they'll simply tolerate each other.
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It's taken my two 7 MONTHS to really be total playmates. You might try a feliway plug in (or 2 or 3) throughout your house to help calm your older cat. Once Thor learns that Loki isn't out to hurt her and gets accustomed to the rambunctiousness of a kitty, they'll be fine. Also, remember that cats will pick up on your stress so give it time and provide Thor with lots of one on one time with you and lots of positive reinforment and loves.

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