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Cat Puked Up A Pc Of Ribbon

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nell just let out a terrible cry and hacked up a pc of gold metallic ribbon!!!

(i keep all thread, other small strings and needles, in sealed containers- unless i am using them...)

she would've HAD to have swallowed this very recently..

because this is the first time i have used this ribbon.

i was just now trimming it, and must have dropped a pc on the floor

(when i do stuff like this i have a small trash can lined with a plastic bag to throw scraps in, and then its sealed and placed in the big trash can)

if she ingested more than one pc of ribbon, would'nt it have come up with the other one?
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If your kitty ate a piece of ribbon and it got stuck in her GI tract, it would not be able to be vomitted up and could make her quite ill. Just because she didn't vomit it up, doesn't mean everything is ok, necessarily. I would keep an eye on her in the next 24-48 hours. If she is eating ok and acting herself, she is probably ok. However, I would not take it for granted that everything is fine. You could also take her to the vet for an exam or xray if you are concerned.
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the word 'ribbon' caught my eye. we had the exact same thing happen to princess our cat. we went on vacation after a birthday party and when we came home we saw that she was vomiting everything she ate up for a week or more.

so we took her to the vet and they did an x-ray. she swallowed a ribbon from one of the presents. it was about 2 feets worth. i'm not sure how she did it.

anyways it was about 10 years ago and the surgury cost $500. today it would most likely be twice that at least.

so please get it checked out soon.
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Other pieces of ribbon may have gone in the opposite direction once inside the cat. I would keep a close eye on her for any signs of distress and get her to a vet right away if she seems unwell in any way.

Hopefully, she'll pass anything else she may have eaten on her own.
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