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I'm so frightened

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Villy just doesn't seem herself today. She ate a tiny bit of her breakfast then just wasn't interested in any more. Last saturday she had a steroid injection for a rodent ulcer on her lip, which has now gone, but because of the steroid she has been eating loads all week. Now today she will hardly eat and is quite lethargic. She is sitting in the garden sleeping/looking around. We have tried to tempt her with ham, which she usually goes crazy for, and she ate a little piece and that was it. The same with cheese.
I have spoken to the vet, and he says to see how she goes. She has played a little bit, but v. quickly gets bored/tired.
It's not like her to be so lethargic and not eat her favourite things, I'm so worried about her.
Also, normally she has the house to herself all day but as it's saturday I'm here and I've been doing housework, including cleaning her favourite window as it was all greasy where she's been leaning on it. Maybe this has really annoyed her as she won't go back on there now?
Please help, I'm really worried about my furbaby
Apologies if I'm over reacting to what may be just a fed up kitty, but I just couldn't bear it if anything happened to her.
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If it were my kitty I would take him to the vet...if nothing else, it will ease your mind.

Is your vet open all day today?
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I'm sure that I'm going to over-react because of the situation I'm currently in. However, if Villy doesn't eat for another day, I'd take her in to the vet immediately. I'd be extra pushy and make sure she was seen. Cats who don't eat can develop hepatic lipidosis. When they don't eat, their bodies try to metabolize body fat. This is inefficient and causes problems with the liver. It's a condition that can be fatal.

My cat is here in Russia and currently suffering, I believe, from this condition. While vets in the US can treat this successfully--especially with a feeding tube--things are looking dire here.

Get Villy seen if she doesn't start eating. And, be insistent that she be treated.
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The vet surgery is closed at the moment, but the vet is lovely and he said he'd be more than happy to see her. I can call him anytime on his mobile.
She's having a sleep in the garden at the moment, under my watchful eye. She usually sleeps all afternoon so this isn't unusual. She's got on to the blanket that I laid out for us. I will keep you posted and will definately take her in tomorrow if she doesn't perk up.
Is there anything I sholud be looking out for that would need immediate treatment? The vet asked if she was straining or had the runs, nope and nope. Nothing. Just looks really fed up like she looked when the hamster died. I think she was fond of him.
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Steriods I would think act the same on pets as humans. I have taken steriods on and off for years. When you first start out its a high doseage. Steriods increase your appetite,thirst and energy level will its still in your system then for me when I stop I crash for a few days. Very tired sleep don't eat much. Maybe its acting the same way with your cat as the steriod is now worn off and out of her system.
If she continues this way I would have her checked but if shes eating some and drinking, then give her a few days and if she gets worse take her to the vets.
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Thanks, she has just eaten a little piece of cheese and a little piece of ham. She just looks pooped, like you described.
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I hope Sweet Villy is just tired..Let us know I will be thinking about you and Villy!!!
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Sending {{{feel better prayers and vibes}}} to sweet Villy. BTW, if the cleaning solution that you used has a pine or citrus scent, she may be avoiding that (regarding her window ledge). I would rinse the ledge thoroughly with baking soda water, just to be safe. She might just be recovering from the steroids - they are powerful drugs, and coming off them is a big deal for the body.
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When cats quit eating totally for days it is a serious problem.

A nice little trick to get a cat back on dry foods is pop a single piece into the mouth and stroke just behind the head. This stimulates a swallowing reflex. As long as the cat will eat that way, it won't hurt anything.

After you get them to eat that way, try offering them a very small amount of food from your hand. A very well socialized cat will often get back to eating this way, even when not hungry.

Tom Lundberg
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Hi, thanks everyone, Villy seems a bit more perky so far today, and she been eating little portions of her usual wet food. I'm still going to keep a close eye on her.
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that is good news...try giving her a bit of soup (chicken) as well, not too hot!
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