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ok my kitten's are 6 week's old they have alway's been in my bedroom as it is the safest room in the house and the most quiet anyway today i let them have the run of the living room for the very first time , they loved it but there mum didn't , Lilly dosn't stay with the kitten's as much as she used to now but when i let the kitten's out she got very stressed and tried to pick them up ( witch she has never been able to do lol) they wouldn't allow her to they just ran when she tried ,the hole time they was out ( with me watching every move) she did nothing but cry going back and forth to the bedroom i felt so quilty i left them out for 1/2 an hour then put them back and she hasn't left them since is this normal for a mother cat to behave who was never really protive of her kitten's?
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missy stressed a bit when the kittens got out and started exploring just a bit like i did when i first let the kids out to play its motherly instinct she is fine now just stresses if she cant find them. it usually somewhere she cant get too they all play really well and have the run of the ground floor ive barriered the stairs off
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she even does it if they get on the bed she goes mad at them she seem's to want them just on the floor lol
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