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Daily Thread: Sat. 23rd

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Morning everyone

I have not had much sleep. Tigger didn't want to be alone in her room last night a ripped the carpet up in efforts to get out So she spent the night on the bed with me. Trouble is she purred non stop all night with the occasionally hiss at Jake or Jaz if they ventured to close.

Felt bad for Jaz as she always sleeps with me and i missed her

Tigger did eat her chicken last nigh and has used a litter tray for 1's and 2's Just a bit concerned tho' this morning as she turned her nose up at breakfast.

Spent the morning cleaning out bedroom cupboards, cant believe the amount of stuff we have have filled a charity bag and several of rubbish as well. Listening to some old rave cd's that haven't seen the light of day for years before they get put in the charity bag as well

Have a good Saturday everyone
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Aww, Tigger sounds like a feisty little thing, she certainly knows what she wants and has claimed that as you!

I think you might have spoilt her with the chicken, she probably thought she'd get that for every meal!

Beautiful day here - surprise after all the rain yesterday! Avoiding town like the plague today as the Blairs are here and there are protests arranged!

Off to scour the charity shops today - all good fun and will hopefully find some goodies for my SS!

Have a great day everyone!
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Never had a tortie before, guess its true what they say about 'tortie-tude'

She certainly is a strong little kitty, no trouble at jumping up on the bed (it is taller than a normal one as it is orthopaedic) and has bounced up and down the stairs like shes done it all her life (since loosing her front leg she has lived in a flat).

Good luck at the shops Sarah, dont blame you for avoiding city centre, i would to if the Blairs were there
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Oh the tortietude is certainly true - trust me!

That's brilliant that she's settled so well! I didn't realise that she'd lost a leg! The stairs must be so fun for her though!

I know - there are millions of Police in the city I'll stick to my small town shops where things should be a lot more relaxed!

I look forward to more pictures today!
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Good Morning

I'm up early this morning since Davidson has a vet appointment at 9:15 - we'll be heading out in about 10 minutes. Harley & Davidson are unusually troublesome today They are getting into EVERYTHING! Ugh

Not much else planned for the day - might go see a movie this afternoon with John

Hope you all have a wonderful day!
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Today is


Have a hoppy day, all!
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Well my computer is finally "hopping", so I am out and about the itnernet world. Watching a NASCAR race on tv, and another one later tonight. And drag racing too. Did I mention I love racing?

Hope everyone has a great day! Enjoy the weekend!
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Just got back home from a pcked day-we went back "up north" to watch a small town fall parade and get LOTS of CANDY!!! Then ate at fav SIL's house and got to play with my twin Grand nephews. Then zoomed to a nephew's open house-with possible landscaping job!! Came home to water in the basement!!!
We had a teeny bit a couple of days ago but lots more today-will have to throw away lots of carpet remnants I had for cat furniture-the bots of cat litter about the boxes-what a mess. We don't know where its coming from supposed to rain tonite I have an idea so we will keep checking throughout the nite but have the dehumidifier and 3 fans running right now.
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