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New Kitten Cries :(

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[color=deeppink]Last night, during a thunderstorm, the neighbor boy brought over a kitten. He said he found it outside, but his dad wouldn't let him keep it. So being the cat lovers that my family is, we took him in. He looks to be about 2 months old. Anyways, we've had him in the house now for about hmm 8 hours. We had him in a basket during the night because we didn't want him to wander around and get lost. Kitty is doing okay as far as being scared and hiding. He's been walking around, sniffing things to check them out, the curiosity never ends. As we speak he's on his back playing with my foot. So he's not too afraid to be around us (except my 3 year old sister, but what animal wouldnt be afraid of a 3 year old lol). My problem is, however, he won't eat. All he does is cry.

Even when he's by my side sitting there, he cries and cries. He looks like he was someones pet because he's not malnourished and his paws aren't dirty as if he'd been running the streets. Although he does have fleas. I don't know if its wise to give a kitten that small a bath. I wouldn't do it this soon though, I'd be afraid that would stress him out even more.

Currently I don't have the money to take kitty to the vet. It'll probably be 2 weeks before I can get there. I know it's awful for the lil guy to have to scratch every 5 minutes.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! This lil kitty is a sweetheart and I want to help him out as best I possibly can. Thanks! :tounge2:
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Originally posted by kittymeowz
Even when he's by my side sitting there, he cries and cries. He looks like he was someones pet because he's not malnourished and his paws aren't dirty as if he'd been running the streets.

Since you mention that the kitten looks like a pet, I just wanted to say that you might want to put up some notices and maybe put an ad in the classifieds announcing the kitten has been found. There might be an owner who is frantically trying to find this little kitten.
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You say he won't eat but what have you tried to feed him? I would go get some dry kitten chow and some canned cat food, if you can find Figaro's tuna cat food, that is always a good one for cats with poor appetites. Mix them together give him about a tablespoon at first at see if he eats it. Put it on a paper plate or flat on the floor and see what he does.

If he doesn't eat, I would ask your parents if you can call the vet and talk to the vet about it. Some vets will hold payments for services for two weeks.
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As far as him being someone's pet, I put a sign in my yard for now, letting people know that I have the kitten, and word of mouth also helps. I've fed him some kitten chow from my neighbors, or at least tempted to feed him some, but he wouldnt take it. Nor would he take canned cat food. That was this morning. I came back and my other sister, whos 14, said he ate some of the dry cat food that my older cat eats. So hopefully he'll continue to eat.
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It is very good that you are concerned about using poisons on a young kitten. Get a flea comb and comb the fleas out. Have a bowl of soapy water next to you, and some tissues. (Don't use just plain water, as fleas can swim in it, as I found out.) As the fleas get stuck in the comb, dunk the comb in the soapy water. Use a tissue to slide the caught fleas from the comb, and to smoosh them under the water. It takes some time, but it the safest way to get rid of fleas. Don't do this in a carpeted room, as some of the fleas will hop off the cat and you don't want them lost in carpet! Repeat daily or even several times a day until the fleas are gone. Don't forget to vacuum the house to get up any fleas that did hop off, then throw the used bag outside of the house, since fleas can live in vacuum bags.

He might not be eating much as he might be younger than you think and may have been mostly nursing up til now, so isn't used to eating much solid food. I'm sure he has been crying and crying, missing his mother and litermates, plus being in a strange place. He'll get used to things soon enough. On the otherhand, his crying could also be due to his feeling sick, so a vet visit asap is in order. Have you seen him urinate and defecate? If not, pay good attention as that could be a great concern.
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The flea comb is a good idea, thanks! As far as kitty eating, he's doing much better. I did discover that he had been nursing before he became lost because when we hold him, he's constantly suckling things. So we've come to the conclusion that he wasnt weined yet. But he's accepting the dry cat food, so that's a good thing. And he is using the litter box. So things are actually moving along pretty well, in my opinion. Tonight I'm going to deal with the fleas. We have a neighbor down the street who stopped by today and really likes the little kitty. So she's going to take him to the vet and get him all checked out, and then play it by ear from there. So I'm happy that he found a home already, even though I know I would have enjoyed kitty (But my Emily has been acting aggressive, as if she's jealous. So maybe it worked out for the best). I'll keep you posted!
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