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I am fostering a group of kittens, say 8 weeks..
One just passed away, Im striving to save another, she is so thin you can see almost every bone..
I have been syringe feeding as well as just for water, for about maybe 2 days.
Seeing that her brother just passed, I feel an urgency to continue maybe more, but what is TOO much feeding??
I dont really know any doses, as everytime I go in there, Ive been giving alittle at a time..

Of course, the normal reaction would be to keep on going, but I know that can be harmful as well..
Does anyone know?
The other kittens, same age eat on their own, sooo its not like she's a newborn
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You need to take her to the vet immediately. If an eight year old kitten doesn't eat on her own something is terribly wrong. How long have you had them? Were they dehydrated when you found them. The vet can give her IV liquid so she gain some strenght.
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We already did all that, she's on antibiotics, etc...
I just dont know how much exactly to push, without overdoing it..Im fostering through a shelter, and Ive had them about a week.
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Make sure the kitty eats at least 3-4ml every two hours or so..force-feed if you have to. Good luck to you!
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ok thanks, I am force feeding, just wasnt sure how much to do...
I will do what you said, I hope these antibiotics save her, she cant even walk
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Poor little one, I really hope everything goes ok...stay in touch!
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If you see in my other threads, she passed shortly after I asked about this..
Thanks for everything..
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I´ve just read about it..I´m deeply sorry for your loss, stay strong and remember that the kitties spent their last moments in loving hands..
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I am so sorry. It is just so hard sometimes ... thank you for trying. Not many people would have gone that extra mile.

Out of compassion for the original poster, I will now close the thread. Play happily over the Bridge little one.
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