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Uncle Sam RIP

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I have been fostering a group of kittens from KY, and there was 2 bunches of babies, the orange babies didnt look so good upon arrival, then it switched on me, the other group of 3, started going downhill the next day they got here.
His sister I thought for sure was gonna pass around Wed, but continued to fight for her, in the meantime, my little Uncle Sam got whatever she had.
So then I was fighting for both, the girl got alittle better, while he had gotten worse.
I just went in there and found him underneath my bed.
He's gone , and I cant help but stop crying..
I look at his sister, and she looks like she is fading too...
They have one more sister, and she is twice their size, as she doesnt seem to have it as bad as they do. So I might be able to save both, or atleast one..

I am sooooooo sick to my stomach right now, but I have to go back in there and fight for this little girl. Its just so hard to want to keep her in my arms, when I have the other adults in my main living area, as I cannot bring the sick ones out here when I have to do "life chores"

Ill miss you Uncle Sam, he already had an adopter waiting for him to get his second series of shots..
And please pray for glory..

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Condolences on the loss of Uncle Sam- play happily over Rainbow Bridge, little kitty. And sending many, many prayers for Glory's improved health. I hope that little Sam's adopter will find another kitten to fill that kitty-shaped hole in their heart what a disappointment to all.
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Glory just passed also, atleast I was there for her last breath.
I cant handle this, I really cant
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Rest in peace, Uncle Sam and Glory. It is just so sad when little ones never get a chance to grow up. Know that you were truly loved for your final days here with Alliread.

Alliread...may God grant you peace beyond human understanding to bear this terrible loss. My God soothe your soul and comfort you, and strengthen your resolve, so you may continue to foster.
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Oh Alliread Im so very sorry .... sending my condolences to you. You know in your heart, you have done what you could for these babies. Rest in Peace Uncle Sam and Glory.
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Poor sweet babies I am so sorry for your losses.

R.I.P Uncle Sam R.I.P Glory You were loved so much.
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I'm so sorry for your painful losses.

Rest in peace Uncle Sam and Glory, play in perfect health at the bridge, together forever.
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Oh goodness!, this is so sad to lose two babies

Have fun over at Rainbow Bridge little ones. All the older TCS cats will be there to look after you now

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Uncle Sam & Glory...together at the Bridge.
RIP sweet babies.
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Oh my dear ! I am so sorry to hear of your loss and the heartache you are feeling

Heres sending loads of warm & healing {{{{{hugs}}}}} you are such a special person

RIP little kitties, run and play over the bridge, you were muched loved
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I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP precious babies. You were loved.
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My heart goes out to you. I can't imagine having to go through losing two kittens so close. Run free and play at the rainbow bridge sweet Uncle Sam and Glory.

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