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Kitten in Subway

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Tonight at work, a customer comes in and goes umm theres a cat in here. I was like what? It was a little kitten (I'd guess between 8-10 weeks old) and it was walking around Subway. Who knows how long it had been there. I picked it up and it was wet (it was raining out) and it was sooo cuddly and purring. I went outside trying to find out whos cat it was but I couldn't find anyone who knew anything about it. Finally someone took it because they had a barn she could keep it in and at least that was better than nothing. I didn't want to just let it run around on a busy street while it was raining. It was so adorable I wanted to keep it, but 3 cats is more than enough here.
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Oh, the poor thing Thank goodness that the kitten did find shelter, and I'm hoping that rescuer's heart persuades her mind that there is enough room in her house for a tiny kitten I'm sending {{{prayers and vibes}}} that the little one has a happy future ahead
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Yes I'm doing the same at least the kitty got some shelter out of the rain. I'll keep my fingers crossed that she kept purring like that with the person who took her and melted their heart.
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Poor little baby!! I hope that the person that took her either kept her or found her a home!
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She called me later and said she was going to put up a sign near Subway and see if it was someones cat. The reason she didn't have the kitten in her house was because she doesn't have a litter box/food for it. I am sure she will go out and get some though if she plans on keeping it.
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I'm glad you found her!!She is much better off now even if she is in a barn, than she would be on the street.
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