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Frequency of litterboxing?

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Today, I went to work for the first time since Diesel came to stay with me. (Backstory: He's somewhere around seven years old, neutered male, super passive, but very emotional. Was an indoor/outdoor cat until something attacked him, now he moved from the country to the "city" and is purely an indoor guy.)

I last scooped at about 3am yesterday.. When I woke up this morning at nine, there was a little pee, which was promptly removed. From 10:30 this morning until about 11:30 pm when I got home (long hours, ugh!) the box was completely empty. He didn't go anywhere else.. He just didn't go.

Twenty minutes later, POOF, there's a perfect stack of kitty waste waiting for me. It was picture perfect, and I was quite proud of him.

What do you guys think? I'm so used to a multi-cat household that I don't know who's litterboxing when, so I'm not sure if this is a normal time-frame.
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If he did go eventually then I would say you may want to start worrying but maybe he was just sleeping all day and didn't eat much and just didn't have to go much today. I would say one poop a day is average. If it is a little longer sometimes then that's fine. More then 3 or so days then I may start getting worried.
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Thanks - I figured he spent most of the day sleeping, 'cause when I came home, he ate, drank, and litterboxed within the first twenty minutes.. Glad to know I don't have to worry!
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I have one kitty and always know when he has used the box (litter is tracked into my hallway). I would say he probably only uses it twice a day. I think cats can hold it a long time.
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