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Originally Posted by imogen View Post
I'm off to find milk thistle tomorrow! Are Denosyl and Marin brands of herbal remedies? I haven't seen them here, but I'll keep looking. And, thanks for the dosage info--and the continued support, hugs and prayers.

Just wanted to share some good news--she ATE! Now, it was only a tiny bit, but she ate on her own. I've been offering it to her all warmed and soupy before I put it in the syringe. Today, she ate some of it! I'm waiting a bit and then continuing on with the syringe. So, food is beginning to go in and out on its own. Her ears aren't yellow and neither are her eyes.

I know we're not out of the woods, but I can really see a light now.

That's terrific news! Come on, Beazy, you've got people from all over the world pulling for you, so eat some more!
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You guys are great! She hasn't eaten on her own again, but I continue to hope. I know that having your support makes me calmer and more rational--which is a help when I'm dealing with a sick cat. She needs me calm--not an emotional mess.

I see the vet today and don't know what to tell her. Do I want to continue the iv treatments? They're stressful, sometimes painful, and seemed to do no good. But, I don't think I'm getting enough food in her yet. We're up to 25 ml at each feed.

Maybe I should just ask for a blood sample to be drawn today and see what the numbers are. If I were home, I'd ask the vet's advice. Here, I'm not convinced they know more than I do.

Any suggestions?
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I have been folowing this thread and thought I would offer what I could. My hoggie has been very sick with a liver infection. His ears and any skin you could see were yellowed. He was eating but very little. He had lost 3 lbs in a very short period of time and was very weak. I didn't think he would make it. They thought a first it was Hepatic Lipidosis but his bloodwork was not consistent with that. After ruling out cancer( thank you!) they fianlly decided on a liver infection of unknown origin. He took denosyl for his liver, baytril( an anitbiotic) and cyproheptadine( an appetite stimulant). He was in the hospital about a week. He has been home now for two weeks and is doing so much better. He is eating on his own without me hand feeding him, he is gaining weight and the yellow is disappearing. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I thought for sure I would lose him, but so far, so good. I would have the vet check bloodwork and look at his liver values- it should tell them whether it is fatty liver( hepatic Lipidosis) or another liver infection. However, the treatment is basically the same for both so it would be for your own knowledge. The denosyl was a lifesaver so I would certainly ask about that. It sounds like your baby is doing better so I am sending good thoughts and prayers your way for continued improvements. Sometimes it's only baby steps but that's okay!
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I just got back bloodwork from today. Her bilirubin levels (that's translated, so I'm not sure how to spell it in English) are WAY down as are her shelochnaya fosfataza levels (not sure what that even IS in English). They're still higher than normal, but there has been a huge improvement.

The vet is very encouraged and says we can stay home (eating lots) until Saturday. Hooray!

I'm still going to ask about denosyl, though, just in case...What I'd REALLY like is an appetite stimulant. I keep telling Beazy that the sooner she eats the sooner we can stop the syringe feedings, but I'm not getting through. ;>

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That sounds very encouraging!
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Kate, how is dear Beazy?
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She's hanging in there. She isn't fond of the syringe feeding, but won't eat on her own yet. I know it's early days to expect that, but I'm really looking forward to her eating on her own again!

She's more affectionate. She jumped up on the bed when the alarm went off yesterday for the morning cuddle that she used to love--but hadn't been interested in for awhile. That lifted my heart!

I'd love any tips for getting her to eat on her own. I think she needs an appetite stimulant, but the vet doesn't really do that.

We're off to the vet on Saturday so we'll know more then. But, so far, so good!

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Here's Beazy in happier days.
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Yikes! How do I resize?
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Originally Posted by imogen View Post
Yikes! How do I resize?
I've resized it for you. This freeware is easy to use for resizing. www.irfanview.com
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Aw Kate, Beazy's lovely! I don't know why, but our vet wouldn't give me an appetite stimulant for Bob when he was sick, either. Has your vet mentioned the possibility of an upset stomach hampering Beazy's appetite? I was giving Bob 1/4 of a Pepcid tablet daily. I don't remember that you mentioned having a problem with her vomiting, so I'm assuming that's not an issue.

I don't know why cats get out of the habit of eating; it seems bizarre to me. I think I mentioned before that the vet techs told me 6-8 weeks for a cat to resume eating on their own wasn't unusual. From everything I've read, one day she just may go to her food & decide it's time to start eating again.

Best of luck to you & your girl; sending loads of healing vibes that she continues to improve.
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Thanks for the resizing--and for the Bob news. My vet hasn't Rxed an appetite stimulant except for one dose of steroid. From what I've read, an antihistimine or an anti-depressant given in a SMALL dose is often used. My vet thinks this is crazy. Vet hasn't mentioned an upset stomach...but we're back for a check-up today.

She's not vomiting, but she's really staring to fight the syringe.

We'll persevere!
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My cat was put on a dose of human antihistamine for her allergies. To be careful, I gave the cat half of the vet's recommended dose.
Gizmo was a drooling zombie for a day and scared me half to death when I tried to move her in the bed that night. She was totally limp, a wet rag of a cat.
I am never giving her antihistamines again and suggest that you avoid this as well.
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Thanks, Gizmo, for the warning. I won't.

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Hi Kate-
I've been reading your thread with great interest. Beazy's condition would be challenge enough here in the States, but to deal with this in Russia with the language barrier and lack of appropriate meds... you're an awesome cat mom!

One of my precious kitties has been dealing with liver disease for several years. She's been taking Denosyl - it's commonly available on several pet med sites (mine comes from www.entirelypets.com). It has to be given on an empty stomach, so my girl gets it (with a pill "gun") first thing in the morning, allowing about 1 hour before breakfast.

Milk thistle is extremely beneficial for liver disease, but you must get it in the right form or it will be ineffective. You need capsules that contain phosphatidlycholine as well as the milk thistle. I get my caps from a company called Enzymatic Therapy (www.enzy.com) - the product is called Silybin Phytosome. They contain 120mg of milk thistle - my cat gets about 80 mg of that (I make up my own slightly smaller capsules using the milk thistle and a couple of other meds she needs). She gets that in the morning with the Denosyl, since she didn't care for it mixed into her food.

Marin is made by the makers of Denosyl, but only contains about 9 mg of milk thistle (though in the right form) which is a very low dosage compared to what my vets have suggested. Is it possible that you could have relatives in the US send these things to you (none requires a prescription)?

Libby74's advice about assist-feeding and using Pepcid has been right on the mark. Try 1/4 tab of Pepcid (the 10mg size of Famotidine - Pepcid makes several kinds of meds so be careful to get the right one). This should also be given in the morning on an empty stomach. Remember that everything, including meds, has to be "cleared" by the liver, so some vets are reluctant to prescribe stronger meds like appetite stimulants. You want to keep the work load of the compromised liver as low as you can.

Whenever you syringe feed, always give Beazy the opportunity to eat on her own first - and do try to use different foods when syringe feeding than those she ate on her own, if possible. My kitty did go back to eating some (but not all) food on her own, even eating food I had syringe-fed her with.
You may have to assist-feed Beazy for awhile yet... but something tells me you're ok with whatever it takes to pull your adorable girl through!
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Wow, KTLynn! What great advice!

I ordered milk thistle and dandelion in a liquid solution from a brand called Animal's Apawthecary/Animal's Essentials. Have you heard of that? I'll go and check on the capsules you mentioned, and the denosyl. I can ship to an APO address, so it's possible they mail it to me.

I keep food available at all times. Beazy was a dry-food eater and is not interested in wet food. She will sniff at the different dry foods, but won't eat. I'll go and look for the pepcid. Thanks for the name famotidine. That may help me locate it here!

Does this mean that I may have to medicate her daily forever? (That's fine--I just didn't know that.)

Thank you, THANK you for your help.
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I ordered some Denosyl. I hope it gets here soon!

Beazy started coughing today. I gave her a bath yesterday because she hasn't been grooming herself at all and brushing was only helping some. You know how fastidious cats can be--I thought being clean might help her spirits.

Of course you know what happened once she was wet--she started grooming. So. I think the cough is just an unproductive hairball. But, I'm wondering if I should ring the vet. The one who speaks a little English works tomorrow...

It's crazy how now that she's sick I worry about things I never would've before!

Any input on how much/many times to syringe feed? Right now we're doing about 38 ml/feed three or four times a day. If three times a day is enough, I can cut out the 3 a.m. feeding. We would both be happier! But, I want to be sure she's eating enough. I don't think she can manage much more at one feed than she's getting now...

Cheers, all. I don't know what I'd do without your help. Anyone coming to Russia has a place to stay! (But, I'd reccommend leaving your cats at home!)
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Sorry to keep replying to myself. I just thought of the perfect example of the vet care I'm getting here.

Saturday we went in for a check-up. The vet said it was good that she was so much slimmer.

This is the PROBLEM. While we were working on her weight (6 months with my sister while I was in the UK), it's NOT good that she's bony everywhere except on her belly. (That, I learned from jcat's merk site, is a classic warning sign.)

Welcome to Russia.
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Kate, I replied to your other thread (weaning) before I saw this one.
I always thought getting 30-40 cc of food down a cat at one sitting was enough. If you're getting about 38cc into Beazy, I'd say you're doing great.
I can remember asking my vet just how much food a cat actually needed everyday (from the syringe-feeding) and her reply was, "As much as you can get into them." Not entirely helpful, but thought I'd pass it along.
I also discovered the joy of baby wipes when both Bob & Belle were sick and stopped grooming. I found them to be invaluable at mealtimes, as there was always a mess. I know you can buy them formulated especially for cats, but thought finding baby wipes in Russia might be easier for you. I just bought the ones that stated they were hypo-allergenic.
Sending loads of ((((healing vibes)))) to Beazy and a big hug to you; you're a great Meowmy.
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Cheers, Libby. I appreciate all the support and information! (And you're right about the vet's answer. Big help. I guess we should ask them what the minimum daily allowance is for calories...)

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Kate, I sent you a private message yesterday, listing the amount of food per day I'd been advised to shoot for, and the address of a superb assist-feeding group with world-wide membership...I haven't had a reply, did you read this yet??
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Hi Kate-

Wondering how Beazy (and you!) are doing.

Animal's Apawthecary (AA) is recommended by many holistic vets. I've ordered products from them and have been pleased. However, remember that any millk thistle product has to be combined with phosphatidylcholine to be effective. If the one from AA has that, it's fine, but many milk thistle products do not.

About the Pepcid (AC): try to get yourself a good pill splitter - the 10mg famotidine tabs are small to begin with, and you'll only need 1/4 of it, so the piece will be quite small. Depending on the nature of Beazy's liver problem, these meds (Pepcid, milk thistle, Denosyl) may be only temporary. My kitty's liver condition is chronic, so she'll always need them. Hopefully, Beazy won't.

If you can change Beazy over (eventually - I know you're just glad to get her to eat at this point) to a good quality canned food, it would be very beneficial to her. I know it's probably a challenge to find *any* type of good quality cat food in Russia (without by-products, or anything artificial).

Hope you can give us an update soon.
Sending good thoughts out to you and Beazy!
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I too would love to see an update. I am concerned since I do not think you've read my pm on how to join the assist-feeding group, nor my messages here about how much to feed.

I truly hope that all is going well for your girl, I can well understand how stressful this can be.
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Just wanted to let everyone know that after 7 weeks Beazy ate! It was right before a weekend trip to France for me, so I was quite relieved. The catsitter checked on her daily. She's been eating, playing and having a good time. She's still only interested in dry food, but any food after the last two months are fine by me!

Now if only her fur would grow back from those iv's and ultrasounds...

(Pat & Alix, sorry I left you hanging. I thought I replied to your pm. I did join the assisted feeding group...but found that the information I received here was even better!)

THANKS to everyone!!!
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That's excellent news! Thanks for the update - we always wonder about the kitties if we don't get updates.
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That is so great Kate. You are truly amazing the way you stuck with everything. Here are some vibes that Beazy continues to get better and soon has a full coat.
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What a wonderful update, I am so very, very happy for her and you!
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That is such good news!
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Yahoo! You can't see it, Kate, but I'm doing the happy dance! I've wondered about Beazy, knowing you had to leave her for awhile. I can't stop grinning! Please give your girl some head-skritches for me. And give yourself a big pat on the back; I know what a tough 7 weeks those were for you.
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WTG, Beazy! Kate, your perseverance really paid off!
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