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hello i am at wits end as to how to stop my cat from clawing my furniture, i have tried to squirt him with water and he seems to enjoy it,help plz, my furniture would like some suggestions as how to stop him(my cat) from doing this
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Soft Paws or claws depending on where you go


They work amazingly well
or you can be clipping his claws and I would hope he has scratching posts available? Or pet stores sell cardboard scratchers they lay on the floor that I have even seen declawed cats "scratch" on.

Also, so you know, cats scratch to leave their scent. They have scent glands in their feet. So it isn't just purely for distructive purposes.
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thanks for your response,i have tried scratching post both cardboard and a post with crapet on it,even tried to get him to use them by putting cat nip on them.(stubborn he is)
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Softpaws are considered one of the best options. Some other ideas to do in conjunction:

* Post covered with sisal rope. My cats don't like carpet, but sisal does the trick.
* Cover areas of furniture that they are scratching with double sided clear sticky or with foil. We tried foil at first, but Princess just played with it. The double sided sticky tape helped. You can get big strips of it at a pet store.
* Hissing. A lot of cats don't respond to yelling, but they understand hissing. Give a nice loud hiss every time you see one try it.
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How old is your cat? Soft paws is definitely a good idea to keep the damage to a minimum while you work on redirecting your cat's attention to the scratching posts. One method I have found helpful is to play with them using a feather toy. Then start moving the feather toy around and over the scratching posts.

Also, you may have already tried this, but I put catnip on the cardboard ones. My cats just love that.

Look into scratching posts covered in sisal instead of carpet. Your cat may like those. Make sure it is a sturdy post because cats don't want to feel like they are falling over when they scratch. I've gotten a couple from this vendor http://www.topcatproducts.com/.

Sometimes it is hard to find the appropriate scratching posts. I have three and each is individual in their tastes.
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There is also the corner saver scratching post that you could try.
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