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My cat is vomiting after drinking water..What do I do???

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If anybody can give me any idea of what this could be I would be greatful! When I put a bowl of water out she drinks the whole bowl and then vomits...then she cries until I give her more water; she proceeds to drink the whole bowl again and throws up again. Other than that she seems healthy.

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This could be a medical issue. How much water are you giving her when you fill her bowl? My immediate suggestion would be to give her some Pedialyte (fluid replacement- sold in the pediactric section of your grocery store or your pharmacy). She is dehydrated from vomiting...she could be drinking the water to rid her system of something- has she gotten into any poision, cleaning supplies, etc lately? Have you seen her eating ribbon, twine, plastic? it could be an intestional blockage also....the best option, is to take her to an after hours emergency vet to determine the cause of her vomiting. Keep her hydrated on the way up there by giving her pedialyte and keeping her warm. Also, I know this is a gross question, but what did her vomit look like? Was there a lot each time she threw up??? These are questions your vet should ask you. When you get her there, ask your vet to give her a Sub Q iv to hydrate her. It sounds like she is quite dehydrated. Dehydration in felines can rapidly cause other issues...please have her checked out ASAP. My prayers are with you. Please feel free to pm me if you need anything else!
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Thank you Nikki!

The bowl probably takes 3 cups to fill it. No poision, cleaning suppplies, ribbon or plastic. When she threw up the first time it was mostly food the second time it was more liquid. The last time she vomited, I stoped giving her full bowls of watter and only giving her a little bit at a time (about a half cup every hour) so that she would keep some liquids down.

I was reading about CRF and I thought that could be what is wrong with her because of her thirst, vomiting and her urine smelling like ammonia...?

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Try giving her spring water and see if she throws up - one of mine vomits with tap water.

I would be worried by her drinking that much water however, 3 cups would probably make any cat vomit it back up, and excessive thirst can be a sign of many illnesses in cats, I would have her checked out by a vet as soon as possible
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Three cups of water at a sitting would probably make me vomit!
I would take a cat to the vet pretty quick just for drinking that much in one sitting. It simply is not normal.
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Any updates Becky?? CRF is a possibility...however, so are many other illensses and conditions. They only way to properly diagnose your kitty is to have it examined by a vet and possibly have some tests run. Good luck sweetie! Lots of vibes and prayers comming your way! Once again, feel free to pm me if you need anything!
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Hi There,
My cat is 17 years old and very frail. He does the same thing as you are describing. He will howl and cry for water...I can never keep it full enough for him it seems. He will drink the water relentlessly and then after a few minutes he will vomit the water along with some stomich acid. The problem is that his kidneys are shutting down and he can never seem to quench his thirst. His stomach can only hold a certain amount fo liquid, therefore it he is forced to reflux the fluid. An option is to put him down as there is nothing more that can be done without costing thousands of dollars. I have him in what I call palliative care. I keep him comfortable and reassure him that everything is okay. I bought a water bowl that will refill itself for when I am away at work should he go through the bowl...which he usually does. If he gets to the point where he is in obvious pain I will put him down, but until then I can just help to make him as happy as he can be considering the circumstance. I don't know how old your cat is, but if you can seek the opinion of a vet perhaps they can give you more options for your cat.
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Sounds like Crf to me. My Cats with Crf did that. Thyroid problems can do that also. You need to go to the Vet and get Blood Tests.
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My cat is doing the same thing.


He adopted me a little over a year ago, 'Buggie' and I can't afford a vet... I took him to a shelter , they were going to put him down, after trying to find his family and not being able to.... I kept him... I didn't expect him to live this long as he looks skeletal, in the beginning I took him to a vet they said maybe 12 years old....  covered in fleas.....


No, I have not been able to afford the  75 dollar vet fee plus the 45 $  fecal exam.... would be horrible if it is only parasites.... I just don't know I thought about diamataceous earth but the vet said that would not help... I read it would..


I have done my best... I am disabled, only 860 a month and rent is 800.....   I am trying to make him comfortable... I can't afford a vet or to put him down..... which would be so sad.



I have tried to find local Cat non profits to help me but none will......     



Any suggestions? Thank you please PM me.


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Your kitty REALLY needs to see a vet. has some links for resources.  Some vets have funds for people who can't afford vet care, as do some rescue organizations.

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I will look again. Trust me, I have research and begged everywhere.


Again, I did not go out and search for a pet... this poor guy found me and the shelter wanted to put him down over a year ago.


I get 860.00  per month from social security disability, my RENT is 800.00  I have NO MONEY. ZERO. I barely make it from month to month with  bills/food....etc.....

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Here is what Actors and Others say in THEIR web site: 

e, if you do not have any money to assist your pet with veterinary services, we will be unable to help you.


The other links in my area ONLY pay for spay or neuter.


Thank you for trying.

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Is your cat shedding after the long winter? Your cat may simply have a hairball and she's trying to get rid of it. Try a hairball remedy.

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How old is your cat and when did this start?

Any lethargy?

Increased urination?


A vet visit is definitely in order asap.  As the others have said CRF is a real possibility, but regardless this is a very unusual and worrisome symptom and needs medical attention.  Your cat is in distress.

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Your cat sounds like he or she has diabetes - please please please go see the vet ASAP as your kitty may be in dire straights.

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By all means, check with your vet. However, my 17-yr-old cat has been doing it for YEARS to get rid of a hairball. She does not have diabetes.

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