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Hey Hey everyone :)

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Hello Everyone

My Name is Kim and i own a beautiful Persian/Himalayan cat called MiMi.He is such a great companion.I throw a fluffy ball and he runs and fetches it and brings it back,he truly is quite unique hehe

He's my big ball of fur.Sadly i had to leave him back home in Quebec 2 years ago because my boyfriend is very allergic to animals,so now he is staying with my grandmother and grandfather until we can find some way to cure Chris}BF from allergies.

Here are two pictures of MiMi

About Me
I am from Ontario Canada and i own a horse,cat,dog,snake and 4 cute little Skinny pigs.

I am also a professional artist.I do Oil paintings on canvas and i do acrylic on wooden signs.

I am a member of a guinea pig forum,Horse forum & Dog Forum.i do tons of custom Pet artwork. For example:Welcome signs,Jewlery boxes,painitng done of your special pet that has passed away,Key Holders....

If ever anyone is interested in getting something done you can just send me a private message or email me at kimdoyonminuto@hotmail.com

Price for Custom Jewlery Boxes:$15

Price for Custom Wooden Sign:$20

Price for Key Holder:$15

Large Mouth Bass Key Holder Picture

Custom Made Guinea pig Jewlery Box picture


Here is a welcome Sign i made for a member on one of the forums i am on.

A boston terrier called Ace from another member.
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Dear Kim:

HI! I'm new here, too -- just joined two days ago, and wow! a young cat already! This is a great site/forum...MiMi is so gorgeously handsome, I can't even imagine being able to leave him, but sure am glad he's with people who love him and care for him well! Has your bf tried Zyrtec? It's prescription anti-allergen. (I can't testify about it as I'm not allergic; "my" 9 would NEVER hold still for THAT! ) There are some other meds too; I'm sure a doctor could give him the one that'd work best.
Well, we're out here in the Mojave Desert in California; "The 9" are all rescued, all indoor-only, and all -- of course! -- spayed or neutered. They range in age from 16+ Nicolas T. Cat all the way to 2-year-old Baby Su, and they are the lights of my life. I've lived with cats all my life, and couldn't be without them.
I have good friends in B.C. and a high regard for Canada and Canadians! Twelve of my beloved cats are in sanctuary up there, due to my husband divorcing me and forcing me to relocate to the city (that's imminent; not exactly sure when, but fairly soon, within a few months) with its stupid quotas.
Your art work is gorgeous and I hope to order some one day, when I get the financial thing sorted out. Right now I'm in limbo-land...
Best from the land of sand and cactus!
Tarasgirl06 and the Mojave Meower Power Brigade
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Hey Tara

Thank you for the nice welcoming reply I just joined today and im already liking this forum,you have posted alot in two days hehe i guess you like it alot.Thanks for the nice compliment on MiMi i really love him,it was very hard to leave my pets behind but yes atleast i didn't have to give them away or anything,i know they are all with people i love.

You must have been pretty broken hearted when you had to give your twelve cats away.I can't imagine having to get rid of my 12 pets and having to go to the city,i admire your streingth.Hopefully things will get better as you go,i wish you luck!.

My boyfriend has never tried any allergy medications cause he's never had to until he met me.I wan't him to try some next time we both go back down to Quebec to visit my family and the zoo,is what he calls it lol My grandma has 4 cats,my mom has 7 cats,my aunt has 11cats +rescues and horses&dogs.Let's say as much as he loves animals,it must be a total nightmare to go visit my family cause of all the fur.Thank you for the recommendation,i will let him know about it .

What kind of cats do you have Tara? Wow 9 is alot hehe i just see my mom with 7 and i find it alot,but hey now you can have your cats instead of men lol atleast they aren't grumpy and they listen to you.

It is very kind of you to think good of us Canadians.Where abouts are your friends located in BC? My boyfriend and I are thinking about moving to BC,maybe around Dawsons Creek or Prince George. I have always wanted to go to the states,i bet its beautiful in California but very hot too,which i become a hermit when its too hot,i don't wan't to go outside until dark lol

Another thank you for your compliments on my artwork,really appreciate the comment.Let me know if ever you want something done

Well hope to talk to you again
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Hello Kim. My name is John, welcome to the site
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Hey John thanks alot for the welcome

I love your exotics by the way,they are gorgeous!
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Hey Kim!

Thanks for getting back to me so fast and yes, I do love this forum! Isn't it great? To answer your questions, my cats are all "domestic" shorthairs and longhairs, rescues, from the streets! They are the best kind of cats, I think.
Rescue is definitely the name of the game for me, always has been! Nikki T. is a blonde "Lion King" type of guy; Rani is a longhaired Tuxedo Persian-type; Samuda is a tiger tabby, as is tiny Sahra; Tarifa is a tortoiseshell shorthair; Sishya is a snowshoe cutie; Calo is an ebony prince (shorthair); Maryam is a calico beauty (shorthair), and baby Suha is a tuxedo shorthair. My 12 in sanctuary are also all rescues and all "domestic" shorthairs and longhairs.

My friends in Canada are in Vancouver and in Surrey. I've never been able to visit, but hope to someday. Surrey is where the sanctuary is. I want to go there and work! but it will have to wait as I have my father to care for here. When he no longer needs me, then maybe my "9" and I will be able to emigrate. Hope so...! It DOES break my heart being separated from my family members. I love them so much. Nine of the twelve have been adopted into loving homes, which I have to admit having mixed feelings about; on the one hand, I am paying for everyone's keep at the sanctuary and hope to reunite with and reclaim them! but the sanctuary owner feels that they need to be in loving homes, and so I shouldn't be selfish. THEY come first.

Yeah, California is hot compared to Canada, and the desert where I live is hotter still; gets up around 112F some days in summer! which I love. We do get snow in winter, though, too! as we're up at 4,100 feet in the high desert, right next to the mountains. It's like the best of both worlds, very beautiful.

Hope your bf finds some meds that help so that you and your MiMi can be reunited -- you must be so sad without him by your side!

So are you Quebecois? French-speaking? No, I don't speak the lingo, but think it's great...my one friend from Vancouver used to live in Quebec, too, though she's not French, she's Hungarian and British.

Have a great weekend! Tarasgirl06
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Welcome to TCS. I'm Lucinda and have two kittens called Max & Billy. They are pictured in my signature.

Your kittys are really cute
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Dear LuLu:

VERY cute kittens you have there! I'm hoping to get the picture thing done soon and get a sig of my own -- until then, I'm admiring everyone else's, and may I say that little black shorthaired and tabby males are faves of mine (although I always say I never met a cat I didn't love, no matter what type, from little cats to tigers! and everycat in between LOL)

Purrs to Max and Billy from the Mojave Meower Power Brigade and their humble servant, Tarasgirl06
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Originally Posted by PersianHyma View Post
Hey John thanks alot for the welcome

I love your exotics by the way,they are gorgeous!
Thank you very much
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Hello and welcome to TCS!!!

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Welcome to TCS!
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