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Excited to be here!!!!

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Hello everyone!

I am so happy to have been introduced to this site by two very special people.
One person who I believe is also new to this site- Tigger's mom, and someone who many of you know as the Beautiful Bella's mom. I must tell you that although I only met Bella's mom once, I knew she was a special person from the start. She hardly knew me, but showed a true concern for my boy Bailey when he had problems with crystals in his urine, which caused him to be in terrible pain. Bella's mom was in contact with our mutual friend- Tigger's mom (her best friend) to keep tabs on his progress. I was so touched by her concern and advice for someone she only briefly met once. I was saddened to hear about her Bella. Bella was the kitty love of her life, and I understand her pain, as I too lost the kitty love of my life (Kody) several years ago.

It is a blessing to have been intoduced to this site, and to have the opportunity to make new friendships and support systems with regard to our precious kitties.

I (my family and I-husband and daughter) are proud to be "owned" by 4 oh so different, but each precious kitties. We live with two Maine Coons-- Bailey, and Simba, and one little girl we rescued out of a box--we call her Mittens, and another little fella who "found" us three years ago---Elliott (named after T.S. Eliot). We recently had to put our much loved Springer Spaniel Parker to sleep after he was diagnosed with lymphoma only two weeks after being diagnosed because his health failed that quickly. He was a friend to the kitties, and loved to share with the kitties the familyroom floor during t.v. time.

I could go on and on, but really wanted to introduce myself and my family to you all. I look forward to chatting and sharing with you all the happiness that goes along with being a cat lover.

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Hi Kelcat!

I'm Tarasgirl, new to the site, too -- only been here two days, and I guess kittens DO grow fast, 'cause I see I'm a young cat already! So sorry to hear about your Parker -- we lost our beloved red tabby girl, Rojita, last year to lymphoma as well, and so I have a lot of empathy for you with that experience. Sounds like you have a wonderful family -- my folks' Maine Coon, Petrico, also left to go over the Bridge recently due to cancer, but he was magnificent, a Blue Cream boy, so sweet and purrsonality plus! I especially thank you for rescuing two -- all of "my" current 9 are rescues, of all types, sizes, ages, coat colors and lengths, from 16+ Nicolas T. Cat to 2-year-old Baby Su. Glad to meet you and already can see that this is a GREAT site and forum! Tarasgirl, live from the Mojave Desert
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Welcome to TCS, Kelcat4 I'm so glad that you decided to become a member of our TCS family Condolences on the losses that you've had; are your cats protected by another dog?? There's so much learn and to share in these forums. I look forward to reading more posts from you soon. See ya in the forums! Susan
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Welcome to TCS!
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Hey! many do you have? You must love the Travelocity ads, eh?
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Hey, welcome to the forum! I´ve been a member for a couple of days now and already got so much help and support! I´m sure you´ll find this too! So, welcome once again!
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Dear BillieViper:

Thanks! Yes, it is the greatest forum and site, isn't it? You are the first Croatian cat pal I've ever met -- is it very beautiful and green where you live? Here it's sand and cactus -- and CATS, of course!
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Hello and welcome to TCS!!!

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and welcome to TCS!
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Glad to be here!
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Thank you so much for the warm welcome, and for your comforting words regarding our Springer, Parker. We miss him, but know he is in a better place and more importantly, pain-free!! We have 4 cats in total, and love each one as if they were children. I cannot imagine life without them. I never expected to have more than two, but funny how life leads you to a different path.

My one little guy---Simba is dealing with being recently diagnosed with diabetes. I am exhausted from this. I just found out last week that I was not giving him his insulin shots properly---which caused a spike in level to 590 and hospitalized him for two days----I FEEL SO AWEFUL!!!!

We have him home now, and he seems to be tired, and not very hungry. Tonight, for example---I had to try to feed him twice before he would eat--then gave him his 8 units---I kept feeling his fur to make sure it was not wet---I am praying he got the shot properly. We will take him in this week to have his level tested. Keep your fingers crossed for us!!

Again, thank you, and nice meeting you. Looking forward to chatting with you soon.

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These are just two of my kitties. These two are Maine Coons and are half brothers. The Red Tabby is Simba, who was recently diagnosed with diabetes, and the Brown Tabby is Bailey, who is just beautiful. Both are very loving, and I cannot imagine life without either one. I will post the rest of the family as soon as I can.


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Hi welcome to TCS! They are beautiful!

Love the pic!
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Welcome to TCS! Love your furbabies, they are beautiful
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Hello and welcome to you and your babies. Simba and Bailey are gorgeous boys !
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Wow! Simba and Bailey are GORGEOUS, HANDSOME mancats! My folks' blue cream neutered male Maine Coon, Petrico, passed on awhile back; I'll always remember how sweet and handsome he was, with his plumes and his big, wise green eyes...Hope I can post a pic or two of him someday, but unable to right now, maybe because I have dialup...
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I don't want to say it's about time you joined TCS...but I just did
Thank you for the kind words about me and my Beautiful Bella.
You will love it here!!! WELCOME!!!!

Your boys are so handsome Oh MY GOSH I love them

Good luck with Simba. People here have been through a lot and they are so informative!!!

Looking forward to more pics!!!
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Actually, this isn't kelcat, it's her daughter hiya! lol

I'm posting this to see if the siggy i made for my mom shows up.

if by some chance my computer skills pull's a "group siggy" of the gang!
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Thank you! You all have made me feel really welcome, and I really appreciate all of the info on the diabetes. I have been give some sites to check out and get more info.

Chat soon,
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Such pretty babies!
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Hi Kelcat, and welcome to TCS! I'm sure you'll find all of the help and support you need here

If you have any questions, or need any help navigating around the site, feel free to click on my username and send me a private message!

I hope to see you around the forums!
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