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Jones was Polly's half brother. They had the same mother, but were from different litters and both Polly and Jones have unknown fathers. I only met Jones once, but the staff at my vet's office told me how sweet he was, and how much he adored people and other cats.

Like Polly, Jones was rescued and neutered by my vet's office. They work closely with a local rescue group. When Jones was still a very young kitten, they discovered blood in his urine. They thought Jones had the same condition as Polly, cystitis. They worked hard trying to find a forever home for him, but it's hard to find homes for healthy kittens, much less one with a chronic condition.

Recently, they realized that Jones did not have cystitis after all, but that one of his ureters was blocked. We have a vet school here in town, and my vet's office tried to get Jones over there for surgery. They were quoted $1000-$2000 for the surgery. The rescue just doesn't have that much money for one cat. The surgeons at the vet school were willing to do it discounted or free, but the administration wouldn't let them. So the vet that owned the practice decided to do it himself. Jones was only 5 months old, so they knew his ureters would be too small to do anything with. So they decided to remove the blocked ureter and one kidney. Jones could still live a long and happy life with just one kidney. But when they got Jones into surgery they found both ureters were blocked. His bladder was basically nonfunctional. Urine was passing from the ureters straight out. Eventually, urine would back up into the kidneys, and Jones would go into kidney failure. He would have become very sick.

Jones was pts, yesterday, during surgery. Jones never found his forever home, but at least he knew love from the vets and their staff.

Polly's and Jones' mother has been very elusive and they haven't been able to trap and spay her, but this weekend they are determined to catch her because of Polly and Jones both having bladder problems. They think she must have some bad genes, and she has a couple litters every year.

Little Jones, play happy over the rainbow bridge, but look down on Caring Hands Animal Hospital; they did everything they could to save you.
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oh, poor Jones RIP little angel

I realyl hope that can nab the mother
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RIP little Jones.
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RIP little guy. You were loved, Jones. Sending prayers that mama cat is trapped soon.
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Oh, that is so sad. What a wonderful vet, to take the time to try to save Jones, and to put him out of his suffering. Rest in peace, special boy!
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Godspeed over Rainbow Bridge, Jones. I am so sad that you were born with such horrible health problems; I know that you were grateful to those who eased from a life of misery. Enjoy your reward among the other TCS kitties. and God bless the wonderful, wonderful people at Caring Hands Animal Hospital.
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Originally Posted by Beckiboo View Post
Oh, that is so sad. What a wonderful vet, to take the time to try to save Jones, and to put him out of his suffering. Rest in peace, special boy!
Yes, they are really great people. They do tons of spay/neuters, and they foster and try their best to find homes for everyone. They really love animals.
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Aww That is so sad for the poor baby

R.I.P Jones

Play happily at the bridge in all the love and warmth and health you will ever need sweetie.
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Rest in peace Jones. Play in perfect health at the bridge.
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