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My Calico

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I think i have a problem with my cat. My vet told me I made a big mistake in letting her out..Now, I am training her on leash oh happy day..she sits and moans. but moves along with me. My hubby and i bring her in off the leash i am out four times til 11:00 p.m.
Aafter that she will cry at the front door all night long. My vet said get a water bottle and spray it in the air. we do this and she runs. Heidi has a mind of her own she will go back to the door again.

This is hard any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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Cats are great creatures of habit, which is a blessing and a curse. If you walk her every time she wants out, she will come to expect that and will not understand why you will do it sometimes and not at others... hence she will continue to cry.

The best solution is setting specific times to walk her and try not to deviate from them. It could take her as long as a few weeks, but if you are consistent she will learm that she can only go out at certain times.
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Maze, I moved your thread to the Behavior forum, I think it fits better here, and you might get more help. I don't really have any advice, since I haven't been in this situation...but I know people will be very helpful here.
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Exactly what The Dreaded Turn said. It works. But, there will be a time period of your cat stepping up the crying and wailing to go out, thinking you must have gone deaf or something. But then, the cat will settle down to the schedule. Just don't skip any scheduled outings, or you will really hear it! So pick your scheduled times carefully. She will definately remind you when it is time to go out.

Before we built our 24 hour available access outdoor pen, our cats learned that once it got dark, just totally forget about any chance of going out, so they saved their voices for daylight hours.
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