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I think the biggest thing that repliers need to remember is that the cat IS NOT THEIR CAT and they cannot dictate to another person how the cat should be raised.

As a replier to the post, you can educate the person based on what you know, even if you're a vet or a vet tech or a receptionist for a vet. There are somethings that are cold hard facts, but you have to remember that 1) Not everyone can afford the high pricey natural cat food...just be happy their cat is being FED and 2) people are going to declaw their cats for as long as its legal (in the U.S). You can EDUCATE them on what happens when the cats are declawed (because most don't know), but don't flame them because you think its wrong and their being jerks just thinking about it.
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I have tried out a forum or two (or three... ) on various topics, and I have to say, the people here seem to understand more (than some on other forums) that the point is EDUCATING people so they can do better by their pets, not brow-beating them into submission to a certain point of view .
That said, there are a few topics where people have been known to do that, and that is a shame- so thank you reminding us (me included, as I can get riled up too ) why we're here- to help each other and our kitties to have a better life .
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one of the things I about TCS is that you all are a bunch of cat crazies like I am.... and you don't think it's "weird" to rush home to be with your kitty, or to call and talk on the answering machine so that your kitty doesn't feel lonely during the day, or worry whether one kitty is feeling left out.... not everyone gets it like you guys do. And that is why I feel like we are a we are all cousins, who happen to live all over the world.
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Originally Posted by LuckyGirl View Post
and you don't think it's "weird" to call and talk on the answering machine so that your kitty doesn't feel lonely during the day, or worry whether one kitty is feeling left out....

I'll try that next time i'm worried....Thanks for the idea
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For me personally, TCS is a breath of fresh air as far as forums go. I don't think that I've ever been a member (or mod or admin) of a forum that has such a friendly, helpful atmosphere as this on does. I just wanted to give a big Thank You to everyone who works so hard to make this place what it is- the best cat site on the internet.

I mentoned a while back that I've moderated and did some admin type stuff on some aquaria websites (fish are no less of a pet just because they don't have fur). One of the things that I do when giving advice on those boards is to tell the OP what I would do if I was in his/her situation or that "I recommend...". I found that to be a much better way of getting a positive response than just telling someone what they should do.
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It happened to me. When I first joined TCS I felt that members were ganging up on me when I desprately needed help.

Long story short: I had moved into an apartment where there was a "neighborhood" cat. My BF (now husband :smile) had wiped drool off her face. He works with his hands and frequently gets cuts on them, as he did this time. The poor cat started showing signs of being sick. I researched it. There was a chance that she had RABIES.

I was heartsick for the cat, but at the same time I was TERRIFIED for my BF. I knew the only way to test for rabies was get the cat's brain tested. It would need to be disected. I had called the health department, but they wouldn't help because they didn't know if the cat had rabies or not. (I would have asked my BF to get the shots just in case and watch the cat very well.)

Anyway, 90% of the answers were DON'T KILL THE CAT!!! "Take her to the vet." Well, no one had been able to do get her in a carrier before. I planned to try, but in the meantime I was still terrified. I felt like people thought I was some kind of low-life. Of course I didn't want the cat dead. That's why I posted on TCS.

Some kind soul PM'd me. She had been through a similar situation. She was empathetic. Thats why I'm still here. Don't get me wrong. Not every poster replied with something that hurt my feelings, but several did. I KNOW their intentions were fabulous, but it didn't help.

As for the cat...
I had an appointment to take Tripod to the vet. I got home from work and Mouser was on my doorstep. She looked weak and was drooling again. I put her in the carrier instead. She didn't even protest. My heart knew that something was very wrong. I spoke to my neighbor about her just "in case." It turned out that she had mouth cancer. She was pts. I never had to do that before. I still miss her.

RIP sweet little Mousey.
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Originally Posted by Rockcat View Post
RIP sweet little Mousey.
I'm so sorry for your sad experience.

Rest in peace and play in perfect health Mousey.
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Originally Posted by Sar View Post
It is very upsetting, Gaye!

I think the reminder is a good idea though, we're here for the cats!
I agree
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This site has the best people of all the forums I visit. There's nothing wrong with a reminder now and then, though.

Cheers, from
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I had a similar experience on a similar website. I asked for advice and got slammed from one end to another. I never logged back in. In fact, I still do read their forums once and awhile and came upon a post from one of ours. The first response from them was someone holier than now getting snippy. I actually thought about logging in and giving them my 2 cents but changed my mind.
I personally love this site, it is the best around. It is good to be reminded not to be too judgemental, especially with a new member. They may not be as educated in cat care and come here to learn. We also do not know the whole situation unless we know alot about them, IMO.
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I tried and left a fair few parrot forums because there was a prevailing judgemental attitude. So many newbies coming for advice were told 'you're not fit to have a parrot' despite the fact that they were seeking advice (which I think puts anyone 1 rung ahead of people who don't ask at all!) It doesn't apply to all parrot-people, but a lot of people really do seem to think that they alone are the only one capable of keeping a bird and that no-one else should ever have one. Yes, parrots are complex creatures that need quite specialised care, but that attitude stinks and scares people off when what they need is advice and help and education.

This place really is a breath of fresh air. I am so glad I found it when I did, I was a complete cat newbie at the age of 35 and suddenly found myself with an exhausting little kitten. I have learnt so much, and even when I get it wrong people just correct and educate me without anger. I have on one or two occassions read a response (not to me though) where I have thought 'oooh that's a little harsh', but it's the exception, not the rule.
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