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Cat food???

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I feed both my seinor cat and my kitten different types of dry food from pet at home. They love it but... will it do harm to the kitten if she ate the seinor cat food?
I know the kitten food make Creeps sick because she desided to "steal" some of Quicksilvers food. Quicksilver has "stolen" some of Creeps food and she has no signs of being sick or anything.
I was just wondering thats all?
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it won't hurt her but i would recommend getting a vitamin supplement for the kitten to make sure they have all they need for growing. pets at home carries these just ask one of the workers there.
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Kitten food is designed for growing kitties so I would try feeding her separately in order that she gets the kitten food. Senior food will have fewer calories and kittens need all the calories they can consume.
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This will make things easier until your kitten grows up. Get a cat food that is for all life stages so that both cats can eat the same food. If you're concerned about the all life stages food being too rich for your senior cat you can mix it with the senior food, 50/50 but try to see that your kitten eats primarily kitten or all life stages food because kittens need more nutrients.

I don't know if you feed canned but canned food is not so high in calories like dry food and you can feed canned kitten or all life stages food to both kittens and adults and seniors for the temporary time period until your kitten becomes an adult.
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Try to feeed them seprately , I totally agree with that ... Some all stages are also excellent choices but it would depend on how"senior " your older one is ... If under 10 then all stage is still a likely option...

Separated is best since each stage is designed for that part of life... ie ... you dont feed a 4 month old human the same as a 4 year old or a 40 yr old
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mine are guilty of the same things! I feed my 1 yr old dry food out all day, and wet food for brkfst & dinner....then I got the baby, he gets wet the same times, and dry all day but kitten formula....well, she'll eat some of his, he eats some of hers....I can't police them while I'm at work so I guess this will have to do. Also, I was giving the kitten "kitten" wet food, well, after he tasted big sis's wet, he won't eat the kitten wet anymore, and just waits for her to be done so he can eat his share of her left overs.... What are ya gonna do? But I do give them both the kitten milk diluted with water every morning....it has a lot of nutrients in it. And they both LOVE it.
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That's why I prefer to feed regular adult food to all (tho kittens can have kitten food for the first few months). I've never had a problem with kittens eating adult food or seniors eating adult food.

IMO its not that much difference in calories - I just keep an eye on the weight of each.
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I feed them both whiskas pouches, once a day and leave out pet at home dry food all the time. I feed them 1 pouch a day because we live in a flat and they would get fat.
My friend said the reason Quicksilver was "stealing" Creeps food, was because she was trying to be domanate over Creep and that was the feral inside her, coming out. She also said the reason Creep was "stealing" Quciksilvers food was because she was too lazy to get on to the side and eat her own.
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