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Bored, so thought i'd share some photos of Paws, my now 5-month old cat.

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very nice pics.
i really like the first one.
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aww he looks like a very relaxed kitten. unlike my psyco kitten who must always attack my legs, jump from the bed to the floor back on to the bed and oh yeah bite my hands and arms anytime i try to pet him.

cute kitten!
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What a sweet kitten!!! Welcome to TCS and please feel free to post lots of photos of Paws! I love the one of him with his paws crossed
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Originally Posted by Cataclaw View Post
Is that why Paws is wearing the timepiece?
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What a little cherub Paws is Love the second picture with the paws crossed
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Very cute! I like the flag haha (part portguese here )
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Cute kitty i can see why you called him Paws
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Some more

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Paws is so cute!! Excellent pictures!!!
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aww ....what a pudding, I love black & white kitties.......aww I want Paws........look at him climbing the fly screen, little monkey, but dont you just love em !!
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Those are soooo cute!!!!! Thanks for sharing!
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