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Affectionate Kolohe

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I just have to comment on how affectionate Kolohe is becoming. Before my husband died last year Kolohe was most definitely his cat. I sometimes thought Kolohe tolerated me only because I served his food and cleaned his litter boxes. In recent months he has become more and more affectionate with me. Now if I am sitting at the kitchen table reading he'll come up on the table (I know, bad meowmy for allowing that) and ask for attention. He loves to have his head rubbed so I rub his head and talk to him. Lately he's been reaching out his little paw and gently patting my nose and giving me nice head butts. Yea, Kolohe. He never has been and never will be a lap cat but he's more willing to accept attention and love from me. Here's a new pic of my boy.

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That is such good news. What does his name mean?
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there is really cool
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Aww He's so cute. I'm glad he's getting more loving to you.
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In Hawaiian the name means rascal. As a kitten he was a rascal but he has mellowed with age. He's nine years old now.
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I am so sorry that you lost your husband, it must be a great comfort having Kolohe especially now that he is being so affectionate.
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Love his cheeks - that is so great to hear !!
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I'll move this to fur pictures

Cats just know when were down in the dumps or upset and that's what i love about them because they give you unconditional love
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Yes, the kitties have been great company. Fluffy, Eric and Palekana have always been affectionate lap cats who visit often for scritches. It would be very lonely around here without all of them.
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He's soo handsome!!! You need to post some more cute pictures of all of your furbabies!!! They are all just prescious!!!
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