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Feral cats

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This may just further prove to everyone that I am indeed a kitten, but I'm asking anyway!

What is a feral cat? I've read so many posts that have that word in it and I just don't understand! Help please!
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I am by no means the expert here, but I understand the definition of a feral is a kitty that has had no human contact (or VERY limitedly) and has survived in the wild on his/her own. There is a forum section here on the site about Ferals....you may want to do some reading there on them. Ferals are a thing of beauty that cannot be compared to anything else in my book.
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Ohhh... okay! Thanks for the info! I bet it takes a special person to take in a feral cat! Hats off to those of you who give them loving homes!

And thanks for the welcome! I am enjoying my time here on the forums!
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Hi Erica,

A definition of a feral at is "having escaped from domestication and become wild." Feral cats come from either two sources, they are either the offspring of socialized cats or they are just unsocialized cats. While many have been feral all of their lives, their origins were primarily from cats who had been kept as companions. Some estimates place the number of these animals in the United States at approximately 60 million cats.

I have a soft spot for ferals and have been rescuing them now for over 12 years. As Debra has said, there is nothing like having a feral and watching a cat who basically has learned to trust no one, come to trust and appreciate me and give me so much pleasure along the way.

Oops we must of posted at the same time!
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