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Stroke Support Group for Families

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Does anyone know a good stroke support group website for families? My mother, 78, had a stroke last Saturday and is currently in rehab. She is semi-responsive and is unable to communicate. I am looking for facts and what to expect during her attempt at recovery.

I thank you in advance for your warm wishes and prayers, however, her recovery from this event looks very grim.

Thank you,

Steve a.k.a. NavDoc
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I don't know of a support group, but my father did have a stroke about 5 years ago. He came back about 80%. The rehab is critical for recovery. My father was difficult about rehab, and never did it at home, and it has hurt him in the long run.

I am sending you and your mother my best wishes!
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I sorry to hear about you mom, I don't know of any support group but I will certainly keep your mom and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
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I only know of the support groups here in the UK. My dad also had a stroke so i feel it for you

I've just googled "stroke support groups+usa" and this is one that i've found, but theres lots more on google.

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An elderly friend of mine suffered a serious stroke a few years ago. She came back surprisingly well, but does struggle with getting her words out - this frustrates her, but nobody else really notices! Nothing else was notably affected after her rehab. She would walk three miles unaided and lived alone!

I hope you find a good support group.

I wish you Mum a good and swift recovery
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im in scotalnd and my hubby had a stroke at the age of 49,and once a week he attends a stroke club, which cover a variety of things but enabled him to meet people with similiar problems. sadly my hubbys recovery has been slow and he has very liitle speech, but recovery all depends on severity of stroke, and i also think willpower and determination comes in to it as well.

we r now nearly 4 yrs down the road ,and i he can do mosthing for himself except talk, and has only use of one arm , and week leg, but he is determined,and stubborn which is why he can still do many thing today that he did before stroke .

so good luck looking for support it does help .
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When my dad had a stroke five years ago we asked the doctor and physical therapists for recomendations. There are lots of online resource if you google stoke support groups.

Good luck and good for you to seek out support. It was one of the hardest things I had to go through watching my dad loose his ability to talk and to walk when the stroke was happening. His frustration with rehab and his depression for losing his abilities. He has come a long way but the effects are lingering on him and the family. I have a large family including one in the medical field who explained all that was happening so we leaned on each other for support. We really needed to.

Sending lots of vibes to you and your mother.

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My father suffer a stroke when he was a relatively young man.
It is so difficult to see a loved one suffer.
I hope that you find help.
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My heart goes out to you - my daughter has left-brain damage from a febrile injury as a child. What is very difficult is that stroke victims often have left-brain damage, which impacts their sense of sequence and logic. They are often unable to keep a good sense of time, speech becomes impaired, they lose the ability to accurately judge amounts; they become easily confused in conversations. You mother may become unable to "cross mid-line/center", which makes it difficult to turn a door knob or key; turn on a shower or certain other faucets; unclip a dog leash, etc.
I'm sending {{{prayers and vibes}}} for your mother's speedy recovery, and for support of the other family members as they assist her in her recovery process. I hope that you find the best of neurologists and neurosurgeons!! Susan
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