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Rocky and Cookie are missing!

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I haven't been around the last couple days, and actually haven't been around much lately (got addicted to big brother, plus hubby took the computer over burning cds.. )

Mon night hubby was cooking and he cranked open a window, and left it open. Kitties pulled the screen out and jumped out. Every cat except Suzie got out!!! That morning hubby woke me and told me what happened! We saw Zakk and Cookie outside. I caught Zakk easily. Cookie was trying to jump in the window which was shut... then he booked it.. I didn't see Rocky at all. We put posters up and distributed flyers. We have had a few sightings but I found out that their are a lot of people who have black and white and orange tabby cats in this neighborhood who are outdoor... I have been physically sick from worry.. hubby and I both stayed home Tuesday looking for them. I wasn't much help because I was so upset.
If they aren't back by this weekend emotionally I am going to have to accept that they may not be back. Rocky is prone to URI's when stressed and it is awfully cold, plus it rained that first night. Tommorow I'm going to call animal control again and call the local shelters.. All I would like from you guys are some TCS VIBES..

Plus my poor mother just had her sweet dog cross the rainbow bridge last night.. He was only 9 and she had owned him just 9 months.
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Oh no how awful. I'd be sick with worry too.
I'm sending you a ton of {{{come home soon}}} vibes.
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Oh, that is just terrible! I would be so worried! Did you put some soiled litter outside, so they can smell that your place is home?!? Maybe put out a few humane traps?
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I hope you find them soon, Big Vibes are being sent your way.
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Mollie, I am so sorry to hear this! You have lots of vibes headed your way!

This article has some excellent tips on locating lost cats -


I'll move this to SOS for you.
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I put the litter pan out tonight. My mom had read an article that suggested this and she told me this today. We have food and water out. My neighbors outside cats keep eating the food though. I put Rockys fav friskies turkey and cheese out tonight. I feel very fruturated and the litter pan is the last thing I have thought of to do.. The last step is to call the local shelters, though I already reported them to the local animal control the first day. They both had breakaway collars on too, and cookie's was pretty strong. We did find that our surrounding neighbors are pretty nice.. Though one did call the cops on hubby because she thought he was prowling.
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vibes that they come home soon & safely.
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Sorry to hear about this I am sending good vibes to you and your sweet kitties.
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I'm praying that your babies are sent home happy, safe, and sound to you very quickly!

Remember Teufel was gone for a bit before Fran found him, so don't give up!
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Sending many prayers and vibes that they come home soon
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Adding more {{{{prayers and vibes}}}} that Zakk & Rocky come home soon! JC went on an extended vacation of 5 days last week and I understand the awful feeling of worry.
I do want to suggest that you try to be as calm as possible when you call them, as they will hear any distress in your voice and may tend to hide. And the flashlight trick to shine on their eyes at night works great. I had to be outside at 3am to finally get JC But it was sooooo WORTH it! Needless to say, EVERY cat here is inside full-time till I can build a cat enclosure.
Rocky, Zakk - COME HOME
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Sending many vibes that Rocky and Cookie come home soon.
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They are both beautiful kitties... I hope they come home soon.

Check all the little hiding spaces around your house and neighbors' houses ... then check them again. Often a lost cat will be cowering somewhere, all confused. And they can bunch themselves up awfully small to fit into places you never thought they could fit into...
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Oh my what a terrible feeling .... sending lots of vibes to you and to Rocky and Cookie ..... heres hoping you find them soon ......
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Any updates? I'm still praying your babies come home safe and sound!
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I hope they come home soon!
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Any updates?
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If they have been indoor/outdoor cats they might like the fall as there are mice and other critters to catch. This time of yr (except when raining) Bobber spends more time outside due to this. Sending you "come home" vibes.......
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Just checking back for an update ..... sending more vibes to you, Rocky and Cookie.
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Sorry guys.. I felt I had to take a vacation from TCS I was too upset too look at kitties!! No they haven't come home.
The only promising news is this: Friday night we got a call from a guy who lives down at the beach area (1/2 mile away). He said he was taking a walk and saw our cats by the beach. He saw Cookie (we think) and he thought Rocky was an owl at first. We went right down and I swear I saw Cookie by the beach, but he didn't come to us and we didn't see him again. There are houses under construction down there, abandoned houses and tons of places to hide. We flyered that neighborhood. WE did get one call of a possible Cookie sighting the other day, though it happened a day earlier.. Hubby is out distributing more flyers.

Meanwhile, Zakk is sorta being a pain, and Suzie is being pathetic meowing all the time.. It really breaks my heart.
And then, to add to my kitty stress, a co-worker calls me up to tell me he found a stray kitten and I'd better come get it. He can't take it home b/c you can't take a cat home on a motorcyle. Now, if my cats didn't come home in a month or so, yes I was considering a new kitty, but not now! If they do come back I can't have five cats!! So now I have a skinny little female gray tiger in my computer room. Meanwhile, I'm supposed to take hubby Fri to get his wisdom teeth pulled and I was gonna spend the night at my parents.. PLUS a week from Sun we are going on a much needed vacation, and my neighbors were going to watch kitties plus field any calls on the missing cats.
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I'm still praying they make their way home.
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Here kitty kitty. Come home kitties, your meowmy misses you!
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sending lots of come home {{{vibes}}}
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Thanks. Last night someone told hubby that they think they saw Cookie. I'm holding out some hope for him.. Hubby took Rocky's fav ball and put it on his dresser. *sniff* I miss him so much, and having this new kitten is causing me to feel guilty because she is so sweet. I have to remind myself that things happen for a reason and Rocky had a great two years with us where most people wouldn't have adopted him or been able to care for his medical problems..
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Originally Posted by zak&rocky View Post
I have to remind myself that things happen for a reason and Rocky had a great two years with us ..
Waddya mean Had ??? Now don't you go givin up on them no no.
Things don't happen for a reason,Accidents happen So we can learn from them,and warn others about the mistakes we make

So get that pity party out of ya mind,Pick yourself up,Dust the cat litter from your shoes and start all over again

I'll bet those two are sat round the back of your house every night thanking you for their ' freedom',they'll be having a great time while meowmy is sat home crying.

I'm sure they will come home to you soon,keep your chin up

Now now Kitties,You both come home to meowmy right now

{{{{Sending be safe and come home soon vibes for Cookie & Rockie }}}}
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We've distributed more flyers this last weekend, posted their pics everywhere. No news in almost a week. *sigh* Thanks for you vibes. I still hope they are safe. I've been sorta busy lately and its hard to look at kitties so I haven't been around lately... I will immediatly post here if I hear anything.
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Continued good thoughts and {{{}}} vibes for those two rascals to come home soon.
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Oh my I'm sooo terribly sorry!
Sending MANY MANY MANY good vibes your way {{{}}}
COME HOME COOKIE & ROCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Still thinking of you and your gang and praying for a happy ending!
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Thanks guys. We got a call from someone last night that turned out not to be ours, but it was nice to know that our neighbors are still keeping their eyes open. WE are going away on a pre planed trip Sunday. We will change our messages to say if you are calling about the cats and giving a neighbors number. I still try to keep my hopes up but is is very hard. My house is quiet without those two.. Although suzie did surpise us last night by catching a little snake indoors.
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