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Agression during feeding

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Thanks for the quick reply to my last post - now another annoyance. My kittens (they are sisters) get very aggressive / defensive when fed "people food" treats. They go absolutely crazy for little tidbits of whatever we are eating, and have a tendency to grab our hands, bite our fingers, and in general just be entirely over-zealous about the treat. In addition, once they have the little morsel, they will growl, snarl, and scratch at us if we get too close. They also do this to each other, if one cat approaches the other while she's got a tidbit. This is not a problem at all when it comes to their daily food, and they don't bother us too much for treats. It is only when we give them some. We don't want to stop giving them the occasional treat, but we want them to "have a little respect." I have had many kittens, and never had this problem to such a degree, only minor in the past. Will they grow out of it?
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One of my cats is like that

Actually, I never saw this as a problem. We always think it's kinda funny, seeing her turn into a tiger over a piece of pastrami...

She has calmed down with time. As a kitten she was absolutely ferocious about her treats. Now she gets them and runs away to eat them somewhere else, I guess she's afraid we or the other cat might try to steal it away from her...

I would say, if they get too excited don't get them such nice treats . Try something less exciting, maybe? Just thinking aloud here. Also, make sure there's always enough for both...
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