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World's Best Cat Litter, Clumping Formula

89% Positive Reviews
Rated #4 in Litter


Pros: No odor, clumps well

Cons: Well, the color is odd, but whatever! Also, a bit pricey.

I just started integrating this into my cat's litter. I can't seem to find any negative issues with this litter, other than the price. I can only purchase this litter at Hannaford's as they are the only retailer that carries it in the area, and it is upwards of $14 or so...BUT, I like this litter. In my research cats tend to prefer litters that aren't strongly perfumed and scented, and this definitely falls within the acceptable category. I've heard/read that it's flushable....I personally haven't tried this hilarious aspect of this litter as our septic may not be able to handle it, but I suppose that's a plus for people who are very particular about cleanliness! Although...dragging it over to the toilet...doesn't seem like a feasible thing to me! Hah :D


Pros: Clumps well, good odor control, dust free, flushable

Cons: Expensive

I started using this litter when looking for a flushable litter and was very pleased with it.  It clumps very well, has excellent odor control and is almost dust free.  In the many years I have been using it, we have yet to have a plumbing problem because of it.  It is quite expensive however, although I find as long as I keep up with scooping that it is quite long lasting.


Pros: best clumping of any litter...good odor control...readily available...a by product of the corn industry so a renewable resource....

Cons: I have nothing negative to say about this product

I LOVE this litter !! With 8 cats of my own and anywhere from 1 to 5 fosters at any time, I go through A LOT of litter ! I have 13 litter boxes in the house, with 3 to 4 different kinds of litter and this is by far the best clumping and easiest to sift. It DOES NOT turn to concrete like clay litter. It has great odor control and all my cats readily use it. The only reason I have other litters too is because they are donated through the rescue I work with. 

Some have said this litter is pricey but if you consider how little is used due to its ability to hold urine in a tight ball rather than spread out as with other litters, it is really no more expensive than any other. The fact that it is a by product of the corn industry makes it a totally renewable resource. It is all natural and I prefer the one with NO added scent. 


Pros: Clumps- No Odor- No Dust

Cons: Expensive

I love this litter. I find it clumps very well and holds in the odor for a long time. My cats took to the litter quite easily. There's an initial corn odor when you pour it into the box, but that fades fast. Very little dust, which makes it great for those with allergies or asthma.

Even though it's on the expensive side, I find this litter last much longer than basic clay litter, which balances out the cost if you think about it that way. Between two cats, 1 large bag lasts over a month in one box.


Pros: Clumps great, no harsh chemicals, light color

Cons: Odor control is only average, a little more expensive but worth it.

Worlds Best was recommended to me a couple years ago by my cat vet.  Overall, I think it IS the best litter on the market.  In addition to this formula, I have used the multi-cat clumping ,red and black bag , and now have settled on the Forest Scented , dark green and black bag.  See my other two reviews on this brand.


I am EXTREMELY allergic to the chemicals used in most clumping litter, and Worlds Best is the ONLY brand that I don't get allergic reactions to. ( with exception of Feline Pine )  And that has to be better for my cats, too. 


This formula, as with the other World's Best brands I have reviewed, is EXCELLENT, great clumping, light color, for diagnostic purposes, for my IBD cat, but unlike their other two brands I have used, I don't think there are any odor controls in this one, or very little.    But there is no urine sludge to dig out of the bottom of the box, EVER.


I must mention, that I have two large boxes, in a small converted bathroom, so perhaps I need more ventilation, too.    I scoop 2-3 times a day and toss it all every two weeks, but I found that this 'flavor'  wasn't working odor-wise in my small space.   But the other aspects were so good, I just moved on to another formula in their brand and now am very happy, with the Forest Scented. 


Great all around litter, but if its in a small area, I would check out their Multi Cat red and black bag or their Forest Scented, dark green and black. 


Pros: Low tracking, clumps well, flushable

Cons: Cat isn't a huge fan

I love this cat litter because it clumps very well, has good odor control, and has low tracking. My cat prefers walnut based litters though. I currently mix this with walnut based :)


Pros: clumps hard, all natural, no odor, flushable

Cons: expensive

I had been using Feline Pine for years, but lately, I had noticed that it wasn't controlling odors in my small apartment as well.  Not only that, but it was getting expensive to change the boxes every single week with 2 cats on a limited budget. Since I only use natural cat litter, I needed to find a different natural litter that helped with odors.  I had seen Worlds Best Cat Litter at the local pet store, so I decided to try it out.  After all, I figured that if it didn't work, I'd just go back to Feline Pine.  The largest bag was expensive (30 dollars), but I sucked it up and bought a bag.

My cats loved Worlds Best Cat litter from the start.  I found that it clumped really hard and that I could flush the clumps down the toilet.  I also didn't need to empty the entire litter box nearly as often, I only had to top it off with extra litter as it got lower in the box.  Once 30 days was up, I just dumped the rest of what was in the cat box in a compost pile in my garden, where it would biodegrate after a couple weeks.    One of the best things about this litter was that there was no cat box smell at all (I scoop twice daily) floating around my apartment.  You would never know I had cats in my apartment. 

The only con is that Worlds Best Cat Litter is expensive, especially for the largest size bag (28 pounds). Otherwise, its a wonderful cat litter and I would never use anything else.


Pros: This litter truly clumps, smells great, is light weight, has minimal tracking, and is ecologically friendlier than some other litters

Cons: This litter is prohibitively expensive

We won two bags of this litter in a contest and I was looking forward to letting my feline family try it.  They used it without any problem!  It's lightweight, clumps very well, is minimally tracking, smells wonderful, and is ecologically friendlier than our usual clumping clay.  The problem is the very high price.  We can't afford it.  For those who can, though, we recommend it very highly.


Pros: Great clumping

Cons: Vert Expensive, Edible!

It clumps really really well. It is made of corm kernal. My kitty liked it to the point that he started eating it! He used it for a few times, then started doing his business outside the litter box unfortunately. I guess he felt that it is a waste of food to use corn kernel as a litter, and frankly I started feeling the same too.

I'm stuck with a 12 kg bag of it. So I'm now putting it in the bottom of the litter box so that my cat does not notice it, and to get the good effect of its clumping power.

Good product, but I'm not going to buy it again because I feel it is inappropriate to use "food" as a cat litter. And it is really pricey.

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World's Best Cat Litter, Clumping Formula

World's Best Cat Litter, Multiple Cat Clumping Formula, with scientific performance, is the only cat litter that can call itself "the best". It is the only litter with a patented formula that harnesses the power of naturally microporous whole-kernel corn to control odor better, absorb moister faster, clump tighter and last longer than other litters. After all, when it comes to controlling cat odor, there's no such thing as 'good enough'. Finally, the 100% natural alternative is the solution that works the best - guaranteed!

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