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Whiskas Temptations Treats for Cats

90% Positive Reviews
Rated #2 in Treats

My cats LOVE cat treats,cat nip,etc. They will all come to me nip me I'll follow them and they'll lead me into the other room they will jump on to the chair and start meowing I'll grab 3 treats one for each and they will eat it all gone! They are such good girls, and I love them so much and they love me back. I also give them treats for good behave good. So I like temtations cat treats and I think you and your cat(s) would too!!!!!


Pros: Cat loves them, plenty to use sparingly for good behavior and the ingredient list is decent

My cat, Nova, LOVES these treats. We use them to reinforce his good behavior, especially when introducing new members of the feline family. Usually 2-3 are enough to please him and he's finished. They don't affect his appetite and he never begs for them but the moment I say "Treat" he definitely perks up and is alert! 


Pros: cat loves them, will not refuse them

Cons: cat becomes addicted, bugs you all day for them, sometimes affects their appetite for real food

I thought it was great when my cat devoured these little treats.  But, there is something in these treats that makes them behave as if they are drug addicted.  My cat will really beg for them and ignore her food tray. Even for just one.  She paces back and forth near where I keep them and cries for them constantly, especially when she's hungry. She is confusing hunger with, "I gotta have Temptations now, PUH LEEEEZE!" 


I've decided to cut way back.  To 5 a day then not everyday.  The packages says 10 for some and 15 for others. Maybe she'll forget about them. But not if I give her even just one.  She will hound me.


These are the only treats I can get BB to really enjoy she loves the crunch and as I'm would like to assume by the way she eats them  she loves the taste .  They are by far the best eaten treats I've ever bought for her . Happy Kitties never lie and I'm sure if BB  could she would give it  5 "Meows" !  caticon.gif


Pros: cats loved them

Cons: cats were sick after eating them

I'm not happy with anything that seems addictive and these definitely were, more than Dreamies, which actually my two prefer. They have only been sick three times in 11 months, one was swallowing a feather from a toy (now I ban all toys with feathers) and the other two was after eating Temptations. So they too are banned. There's something not entirely right about them to make two very different cats very sick within half an hour of eating them.


Pros: Cats cant get enough

Cons: Cats cant get enough

My cats have always been crazy  for them and the one I have now is no different. But it gets to the point they wont eat their food they just want the treats


Pros: Cats love this, great price, nice and small

Cons: NONE!!!

My cats love these treats.  Great price and size.  I gave these to a cat at a store and she loved them. :cat:


Pros: cats love them

Cons: There are much better treats out there

I think all cats love these. I think it's in the cat's handbook. :)


These treats are sold everywhere, they are often on sale, they put coupons out and come in a large variety of flavors and types. They just aren't the best treats out there for an obligate carnivore. I try to keep their consumption of these to a minimum but I do keep them in the house. Even the dog loves them rolleyes02.gif


So, if your cat loves these like mine love these, keep them around. Just don't make them a main part of their diet or even their main treat source. IMO, Pure Bites are the king of cat treats but these do deserve an honorable mention. 


Pros: cats are addicted to these treats, good for positive reinforcement

Cons: sketchy ingredients

Just the slightest shake of this bag of treats will bring all cats running. I don't know how they've done it, but my cats are addicted. Rocky can't have these anymore because of his food allergies, but Bijou still gets them as a special treat.

I always give out these treats sparingly because of the ingredients.. which include meat by products, animal fat, and a very long list of complex chemical sounding things. It's definitely not the most high quality stuff out there.

I try to opt for healthier treats, but every now and then this is a special treat. The way I think of it is as junk food for cats- it tastes great, but too much of it isn't going to be that good for them in the long run.


Pros: My Cat Will Litterally Do Anything For These

Cons: Iffy ingrediant list

These are the only cat treats that I have found that my adult cat will eat. He scarfs them down and looks for more when he has finished eating them. I have tried many other types of treats, but these are the only ones that he will actually eat at all. I don't like the ingredients that are listed on the product though. I know that my cat would probably be a bit healthier if I could find other treats he would eat instead. I limit the amount of these treats that he is given each day to make sure that he stays healthy. So far these great tasting treats haven't caused him any stomach troubles or made him sick in anyway. If he likes them, I'm happy to give them to him.

Whiskas Temptations Treats for Cats

Whiskas Temptations have no artificial flavors and are 100% nutritionally complete. They come in various flavors, including Creamy dairy, Tender Chicken, Tuna, Seafood Medley, Tantalizing Turkey, Hearty Beef, Savory Salmon and Blissful Catnip. See additional listings for all natural Temptations, dental care Temptations and hairball Temptations Treats by Whiskas.

FeatureNo artificial flavors and are 100% nutritionally complete
Package Quantity12
Product GroupGrocery
Product Type NameGROCERY
TitleWhiskas Temptations Tender Chicken Flavour Treats for Cats
Weight36 Ounces
Number Of Items12
Size3-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 12)
Flavor NameChicken
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Mars Pedigree Whiskas Temptations Cat Treat
Whiskas Classic Temptations - Hearty Beef
Whiskas Classic Temptations - Tempting Tuna
Whiskas Classic Temptations - Tasty Chicken
Salmon Temptation Treat for Cats
All Natural Temptations Wild Alaskan Salmon Flavor Treats for Cats
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