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Ultra Pet Better Way Flushable Cat Litter

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Pros: old formula: flushable, unscented, soft on paws

Cons: new formula: not flushable, dusty, scented, tracks easily, large grains

I really wanted a flushable clumping scentless litter and the first 3 shipments of this product was just that. The litter itself was a little dusty, but it was completely odor free and had very fine grain. My kitty took to it quickly!

My most recent shipment featured an "improvement" to the litter but in reality, what I found was the following:

* it is no longer unscented

* the grains are much larger 

* there is even more dust created than before - we're talking sandstorms here

* the clumping power makes it less flushable which means the plunger needs to come out every day just to make sure this stuff goes down 


Even after giving it a little time to breakdown in the bowl, it doesn't disintegrate noticeably.

Oreo never complained with the old litter; now he meows about this new one and not in a good way. He has also avoided the litter box on several occasions, and he never used to do that on the old formula. I don't know if he dislikes the scent or the larger grains. Time to transition to another litter.

Sadly, it was a 4-star product that just became a 2-star product.

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Ultra Pet Better Way Flushable Cat Litter

You will love Better Way Cat Litter because it quickly eliminates odors and forms easy-to-remove clumps leaving the remaining littler clean and fresh. Your cat will love Better Way Litters because it is SOFT ON PAWS!  Only Better Way contains the patented natural cat attractant, SANEL.  Only cats can smell this aromatic substance which reminds them of the great outdoors.  Sanel helps cats overcome one of the most serious causes of cat abandonment: Refusal to use the litter box. Sanel natural cat attractant in Better Way Cat Litters helps to coach/retrain cats prone to litter box refusal back to the litter box

BrandUltra Pet
FeatureHelps Train Kittens - Reduces Litter Box Avoidance in Adult Cats - A Natural Cat Attractant Derived From Tree Resins - No Sex Pheromones
LabelUltra Pet
List Price$37.67
ManufacturerUltra Pet
Package Quantity3
Product GroupGrocery
Product Type NameGROCERY
PublisherUltra Pet
StudioUltra Pet
TitleUltra Pet Better Way Flushable Cat Litter, 12-Pound Containers (Pack of 3)
Weight576 Ounces
Number Of Items3
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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