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Ultimate Touch Cat Claw Clipper

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Pros: Cat-specific, comfortable to use, lasts forever

Cons: (None)

Although there are a plethora of different kinds of devices on the market designed to shorten and blunt cats' claws, I have always relied on these little clippers because they do the job.  They last forever, and are very affordable, comfortable, and precise.  Cat-specific clippers like these are the ones to use to keep cats comforable and caregivers happy!  (I used today's date and the stated price because I bought ours a long time ago, from another business, and they were likely a different price.)


**Have been looking for one for Cats now I know the name TY :) 
Started using identical dog nail clippers not long ago I really like this model as you say precise, comfortable it's small in your hand. Perfect
These clippers are great and easy to use. They were a great buy and much easier to use than other types. However -My kitties sit back nicely when my husband clips their claws, but they give me a hard time for whatever reason! So it's been his job as Cat-Daddy for the past couple of years!