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Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: Ball spins extremely easily and fast; cardboard scratcher with added catnip option; cats nap on this toy!

Cons: Can be heard across the house when in use but that is not a problem for us.

I have had this particular turbo track toy for almost two years. The cats never tire of playing with this and do so almost nightly. One of my cats LOVES this toy and is a pro at playing with the ball. Stopping it and knocking it in the other direction. The cats spin around on top of this while playing with the ball. The ball moves easily and swiftly. I actually lay on the floor across from my cat - the one who is addicted to this toy - and we play a game back and forth. I have also seen two of my cats playing this game together as well. It is extremely reasonable to purchase and is worth every penny. The cats never tire of this one.


Pros: No cardboard bits all over.

My cats loved it at first. They hardly left it alone. Now they play with it once in a while. I like the way the scratch board is set in where they cannot chew the sides.


Pros: Every one of my cats loves it

Cons: None

Every one of my cats has played with this toy. My late 16-year-old absolutely loved it, my two 13-year-olds love it, the kittens love It (of course they love everything - they're kittens!), and the newest addition, a 3-year-old girl, just plays with it like nobody's business. Sometimes they only play for a few seconds in passing it, and other play for as long as 15 minutes straight!


It can be a bit noisy, which often sets off the dogs barking - silly dogs. It helps if you do NOT have it against the wall, it seems to make the wall vibrate if it's touching it. But we're talking about cats and their toys, you expect some amount of noise. And if they are having fun then that's what matters!


Pros: Good exercise

Cons: Messy

I have bought several of these over the years and guessed at the last purchase date and price.  My adult cats take play spells and love chasing the ball.  It's really fun to watch. The cardboard insert can make quite a mess after the cats do some serious claw sharpening, however..  I also sometimes have trouble finding the inserts and end up buying whole new toy.  This is one toy that is a hit with all my cats, with the exception of Blackberry, who isn't interested in toys of any kind.  I would recommend this for new kittens, too.  


Pros: Great toy for young kittens/cats, dual purpose as a scratcher

Cons: May be noisy at night

Maya has always been a "gamer". She has had this toy since she was about 5-6 months old, and still occasionally plays with this toy. When I first got it though, omg, she played with it for HOURS on end, and I had to turn the toy upside down or I wouldn't get sleep that night!  She loves to pounce on it, and I've found placing it under a large paper or shopping bag, so that it's partially hidden but enough space so that the ball still moves in its track helps her get excited about pouncing on it even more. Sometimes I've seen her on her laying on her side and head cocked while she continues to paw at the ball! I was just so pleased she loved it as much as she did.


I have to mention, my two never really use the scratcher in the center, so it's still the same one in there, never even "flipped" to the other side. If your kitty loves to play, this may be a good one to keep around when you're not at home during the day. One star off since my other kitty wasn't really interested as much, but did see him play with it or at least watch Maya interact with it. As with any toy, I sometimes take it and hide it away for a few months, to rotate their toys. Some will be bored otherwise. Hiding them out of sight for a while can renew their interest in it again.


Pros: Inexpensive, catnip included

Cons: My cat can get the ball out and then I spend hours searching for it

I bought Comet one a year ago and he still loves it. We play together, spinning the ball around. It's inexpensive and a little catnip helps when he gets bored with it. The scratching pad in the middle is excellent. Double duty.


I strongly suggest purchasing one for your cat/s.


Pros: Endless Entertainment, Cats can play/scratch while you are gone

Cons: Leaves a mess.

All of my fosters and cats have LOVED this toy. Its endless entertainment- whether they are chasing the ball, using the scratcher, or rolling in catnip on it! I recommend the toy to every adopter! The only problem that I have with it is when they scratcher in the middle is done- it leaves cardboard bits EVERYWHERE and is a mess. But not too difficult to clean up!


Pros: Stays flat, doesn't move all over the place, and they love it!

Cons: Scratcher pads have to be replaced, old cat nip spills when you go to dump it.

I've had these toys for years and my kitties never tire of it.  They might leave it alone for a while and then come back to it but it's a great standby to have and simply a must have for all kitties.  They love the scratcher in the center.  Sometimes they just like sitting on it too.  And I love to see them act like kittens again when they are playing with the rolly ball  


Pros: durable, reasonably priced, cats love it!

Cons: none

I have used the Turbo Scratcher on all my cats for years.  I was drawn to it because it was a scratcher and a toy all in one.  Since my former cat, Daisy, liked those ball track toys and I was trying to get her to use a scratching board, I thought that the Turbo Scratcher would be a big hit with her.  Sure enough, Daisy took to the new toy like she had been scratching on it for years.  Later, when I adopted Angie, she too loved the Turbo Scratcher.  I had found a light up ball to replace the one that originally came with the Turbo Scratcher, and she loved making that ball light up, especially at nighttime.  Recently, when I was fostering an 8 week old kitten for a month, he too loved this scratcher.  The first day I brought him into my apartment, he used the litter box and then walked straight over to the Turbo Scratcher and scratched to his hearts content, without any coaxing from me at all.    Just like Angie, that kitten loved to play with the ball around the track at nighttime. 

The scratching pads for the Turbo Scratcher are double sided, so they last a while, and they are not that expensive to replace, depending on where you buy them.  This scratcher is a wonderful item to have if you are considering adopting cats, because its a two-in-one scratcher/toy.  They will love it!


Pros: Durable, entertaining

Cons: none that I can think of

I have three cats and while all 3 play with the Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy one of my cats does more than the other two. She loves it and will paw the ball over and over. She likes playing with it especially late at night.What surprises me though is that they do not scratch the cardboard center despite always scratching on other card board scratchers throughout the house.:heart3: 

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Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

The Turbo Scratcher cat toy offers hours of fun and exercise for your cat while reducing potential furniture damage due to scratching. Catnip and ball included. Scratch pad is replaceable. 16” Diameter x 1.88”

FeatureMeasures 16 inches in diameter
Height3 inches
Length15 inches
Width15 inches
List Price$19.99
Package Quantity1
Product GroupPet Products
TitleBergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy, Colors May Vary
Weight1.4 pounds
Number Of Items1
Size15'' diameter
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC