Great for cats that wont tolerate brusing

A Review On: Tropiclean Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Gel for Pets

Tropiclean Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Gel for Pets

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Pros: easy application, no major health threats from ingestion, minty fresh breath.

Cons: not as effective as brushing, messy, cats seem to really not like the taste

I am constantly trying new dental products for my fur babies. I started young with them so they will tolerate pretty much anything when it comes to dental care. My parents cats however, are old and set in their ways. being the animal loving vet student I am I had to try and find something to help my parents cats with their teeth. 


This gel is great! you squirt it into their mouth real fast and don't have to brush (however, brushing will help if they will let you) When the gel hits their saliva it foams up and the foam expands to cover the whole mouth, most cats will smack their lips at the taste and feeling and this aids in moving the foam around to cover all the teeth. In a matter of weeks my parents cats teeth where whiter and cleaner and their breath was much better. The best thing about this gel isn't that it whitens the teeth, but that it kills the germs and decay that can cause other health complications like heart problems.


The cons of this product  don't outweigh the pros. The cats may drool or get some on their coat or your floor. I found putting them in a bathroom on a hard floor you can wipe up helps this, and most cats will groom the extra off their fur themselves (if not a damp towel works fine) It's clear cats are not found of the taste of this stuff, but protecting them from dental health complications is worth 5 seconds of bad taste. Plus, the bad taste encrourages them to move it around in their mouth getting a better result.


Overall this is not as good as brushing, but if you can't get your cat to tolerate the brushing then this it really one of the best alternatives. If your cat will tolerate brushing, it's great to use in place of tooth paste.


For added protection give the water additive or food sprays a try as well.


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